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The keeper or governor of a castle.

[Middle English castelain, from Norman French, from Medieval Latin castellānus, from Latin, of a fortress, from castellum, stronghold; see castle.]


(Fortifications) rare a keeper or governor of a castle. Also called: chatelain
[C14: from Latin castellānus, from castellum castle]


(ˈkæs tl n, kæˈstɛl ən)

the governor of a castle.
[1350–1400; < Old North French < Latin castellānus occupant of a fortress]


nSchlossvogt m, → Kastellan m
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Don Quixote, observing the respectful bearing of the Alcaide of the fortress (for so innkeeper and inn seemed in his eyes), made answer, "Sir Castellan, for me anything will suffice, for
The host fancied he called him Castellan because he took him for a "worthy of Castile," though he was in fact an Andalusian, and one from the strand of San Lucar, as crafty a thief as Cacus and as full of tricks as a student or a page.
While this was going on there came up to the inn a sowgelder, who, as he approached, sounded his reed pipe four or five times, and thereby completely convinced Don Quixote that he was in some famous castle, and that they were regaling him with music, and that the stockfish was trout, the bread the whitest, the wenches ladies, and the landlord the castellan of the castle; and consequently he held that his enterprise and sally had been to some purpose.
Contract notice: The tourist office intercommunal (oti) verdon tourism (alpes de haute provence - 04 -) created in the course of march 2017, now takes the place of the former tourist offices of annot, castellan, colmars les alpes, entreval, la palud sur verdon and saint andr les alpes - barrme.
Having settled down, these merchant associations eventually came to rival the wealth of their adjacent towns or burgs, which led to tensions between the merchants and the Episcopal or castellan authorities.
Studio, formerly Castellan James and Partners Architects, whose landmark projects include Sudbury's downtown YMCA, the surface dry facility at Vale's Coleman Mine, and Grace Hartman Amphitheatre.
Data were analyzed with PASW Statistics 18 for non parametrical tests, since data had no normal distribution (Siegel & Castellan, 2006).
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Em seguida foi aplicado um teste post hoc, conforme sugerido por Siegel e Castellan (2006), para identificacao de diferencas significativas entre as medias dos ranks dos pareamentos possiveis entre os metodos.
But with Redditch playing their best football of the game, it was the home side who grabbed the points when Matty Castellan headed in.
Meridian Investment Sales sold three multifamily properties located in Washington Heights to Guardian Realty Management for $15,375 million on behalf of Castellan Real Estate Partners.
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