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tr.v. cas·trat·ed, cas·trat·ing, cas·trates
1. To remove the testicles of (a male); geld or emasculate.
2. To remove the ovaries of (a female); spay.
3. To deprive of virility or spirit; emasculate.
An individual who is incapable of reproduction as a result of removal, destruction, or inactivation of the gonads.

[Latin castrāre, castrāt-; see kes- in Indo-European roots.]

cas′trat·er, cas′tra·tor n.
cas·tra′tion n.
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Adj.1.castrated - deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes
uncastrated - not castrated
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I answered "that our horses were trained up, from three or four years old, to the several uses we intended them for; that if any of them proved intolerably vicious, they were employed for carriages; that they were severely beaten, while they were young, for any mischievous tricks; that the males, designed for the common use of riding or draught, were generally castrated about two years after their birth, to take down their spirits, and make them more tame and gentle; that they were indeed sensible of rewards and punishments; but his honour would please to consider, that they had not the least tincture of reason, any more than the YAHOOS in this country.
This chicken-heartedness, as he dubbed it, disgusted Martin, who consequently took a satisfaction in compelling the boy to assist him actively whenever there were cattle to be dehorned, wire rings to be pushed through bunches of pigs' snouts, calves to be delivered by force, young stuff to be castrated or butchering to be done.
But a serious cause of error seems to me to be here introduced: a plant to be hybridised must be castrated, and, what is often more important, must be secluded in order to prevent pollen being brought to it by insects from other plants.
Moreover, whenever complicated experiments are in progress, so careful an observer as Gartner would have castrated his hybrids, and this would have insured in each generation a cross with the pollen from a distinct flower, either from the same plant or from another plant of the same hybrid nature.
About 14,000 stray dogs have been castrated since the introduction of the program in 2006.
Sydney, Dec 14 (ANI): A man in Germany became so enraged with his daughter dating a man 40 years older than her that he castrated the boyfriend with a bread knife.
We conclude that the language of emasculation often faults the subject and implies general dysfunction and powerlessness--socially, politically, and sexually--adding to the shame and "othering" felt by cancer patients who are castrated out of medical necessity.
Summary: A Colombian farmer has castrated himself after his wife refused to have sex with him.
Fifteen were castrated within the first two days of age and the other fifteen remained uncastrated.
Summary: A French man charged with raping a boy after being imprisoned for two other child rape cases has written to President Nicolas Sarkozy asking to be castrated, fuelling a public debate about how to
Their ears are marked with a V-sign; they are tattooed, disinfected, castrated and returned to their "manor".
Resumes are generally boring, so I decided to include "herded, branded and castrated cattle" on mine, if only to see whether anyone actually read the whole thing.