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See Eisenstein, "The Development of Jewish Casuistic Literature in America," PAJHS 12 (1904): 139-48
Set in the professor's office, the monologue is a casuistic ploy by the rapist to defend his actions by appealing to the very language theories that the young woman has learned as one of his students.
It would have the benefit of being able to apply a standard-based casuistic approach through an expert decision maker.
John Paul tells us that, rather than allowing himself to become ensnared in the juridical or casuistic complexities of the issue, Jesus chooses instead to refer his interlocutors to the "beginning," to the first chapters of Genesis, (7) as the place to look for God's revelation on the question of divorce.
Perhaps there is a strong secondary market in used theology books, but there is also the possibility that theologians are more apt to rationalize their unauthorized borrowing through casuistic gymnastics.
3) Responding to the flawed nature of the description, Defoe retorts in a rather casuistic way:
Professor Honnold here dismisses "last shot" theories as casuistic and unfair.
Certainly, the end of the Cold War, the major challenges of globalization and the progressively more visible tendencies of European Union of imposing its legal recognition within the international system have stimulated theoretical and casuistic debates regarding European negotiation.
He continued, "It is neither judicial nor casuistic, but primarily judicial-historical," noting that the work continued along lines established by mission theoreticians and colonial lawyers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The research project is casuistic and exploratory type.
In the case of Greece, the Fund's lending policies were changed in a casuistic way to accommodate European interests," said Paulo Nogueira Batista, the representative of Brazil and 10 other countries.