cat box

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cat′ box`

1. a box holding cat litter.
2. a region of DNA containing the base sequence GCCAAT, associated with a family of DNA-binding proteins that affect gene expression.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: box - a receptacle for cat excrementcat box - a receptacle for cat excrement  
receptacle - a container that is used to put or keep things in
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As domestic work, the following activities are defined - Light housework: dusting, tidying rooms, dishwashers;- Heavy household chores: vacuuming, toilet / bathroom cleaning; window cleaning, making beds;- Care textile / clothing / laundry (washing and ironing);- Home care around plants and animals (eg cleaning cat box.
From Tidy Cats LightWeight varieties, including LightWeight 24/7 Performance and LightWeight Instant Action, that provide all the clumping power of traditional Tidy Cats with half the weight of the leading clumping litter, to new 4-in-1 Strength Tidy Cats that combats the four main offenders of cat box odor, Tidy Cats has the right litter for every cat owner's needs.
No need for frequent cleaning: Each Poopy Cat box lasts for one week and can go directly to the compost.
I rushed to get the cat box to take him to our vet who is on 24 hour call.
This smell is very similar to cat box odour and is unique to one method of methylamphetamine production.
We thought that phoning the RSPCA to rescue the cat would take too long and they might not even come on a Sunday evening, so Iwan and James went to get our canoe and I got my cat box and some cat food.
Waiting for him at the papal summer residence where he will rest for a couple of months, were his two beloved cats, driven off in a double cat box the day following the retirement news.
The kitten, participating in a cat show at the NEC, was left at Birmingham Airport Travelodge when the owner was in such a dash to get to the show that she forgot the cat box containing the kitten named Porsha.
The grey and white cat was left in a cat box on the driveway of the Rabbit and Guinea Sanctuary (RAGS) in Exhall Road, Keresley Village, on Monday evening.
All dogs must be on a lead and all cats must be in a cat box.
com, and discovered an array of inventions, including a vibrating scoop for cat box filler ("An auto-sifting kitty litter scoop that quickly separates the litter from the solids," the creator explains in a written summary); decorative baby wipe cases; an inflatable, portable tanning bed; educational cartoons; and break-resistant cocktail glasses with snap-on lids.
The tiny black Tom cat was rescued by an RSPCA officer after a neighbour heard a miaow coming from a heap of rubbish and he found the little kitten inside a cat box wrapped in a bin bag.