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The metabolic breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones, often resulting in a release of energy.

cat′a·bol′ic (kăt′ə-bŏl′ĭk) adj.
cat′a·bol′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.catabolic - relating to or characterized by catabolism
2.catabolic - characterized by destructive metabolism
anabolic - characterized by or promoting constructive metabolism; "some athletes take anabolic steroids to increase muscle size temporarily"


adj catabólico
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The primary reasoning is that the catabolic process being used for degradation of food substances is putrefaction, also known as proteolytic.
Anna and Alex explain: "During exercise (especially resistance training), the body shifts towards a catabolic state (muscle breakdown) which then transitions back to an anabolic state (muscle building) within the first few hours of completing your workout.
Greater effort intensities can be induce catabolic feature in the body, affecting sports performance.
Autophagy is a catabolic process common to all multicellular organisms.
3-MGA is produced from CoA-thioester bond hydrolysis of its precursor, 3-methylglutaconylCoA (3-MG-CoA), an intermediate within the leucine catabolic pathway (Fig.
Objective: Autophagy is a catabolic pathway that delivers cytoplasmic material to lysosomes for degradation.
Among the BPs from the DEGs by garlic treatment, there were several terms related with proteolysis such as "Modification-dependent protein catabolic process", "Proteolysis involved in cellular protein catabolic process", "Cellular protein catabolic process", "Protein catabolic process", and "Ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process".
It's quite scary because it's catabolic so it's eating into you.
As shown in Table 1, the first 15 categories of differentially expressed genes in biological processes were presented, including translation (55 transcripts); generation of precursor metabolites and energy (35 transcripts); aerobic respiration (16 transcripts); acetyl-CoA catabolic process (12 transcripts); tricarboxylic acid cycle (12transcripts) coenzyme catabolic process (12 transcripts); acetyl-CoA metabolic process (12 transcripts); cofactor catabolic process (12 transcripts); cellular respiration (19 transcripts); energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds (19 transcripts); and protein folding (11 transcripts).
Zinc constrains the catabolic enzymes of Streptococcusrattus like arginine deaminase and also blocks the arginolysis process in the bacterial cell.
As surgical stress, trauma, and critical illness swap the normal metabolic requisite and pathways, with transposition towards a catabolic state with a consequence of loss in weight, lean body mass, and fat; proteolysis; and expansion of the extracellular fluid compartment.
To keep or gain muscle and stay anabolic is the goal past 30 years when the body steers towards Catabolic or break down of tissue/muscle accelerating exponentially as the years go by.