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Of or relating to rocks consisting of cemented fragments that originate from the mechanical breakdown of rocks associated with plate tectonic processes.

[From Norwegian kataklas- (in kataklasstruktur, structure formed by crushing : Greek kata-, cata- + Greek klastos, broken; see clast + Norwegian struktur, structure) + -ic.]
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The geology of the property is primarily on the contact zone between the Lac de la Blache anorthositic complex and the cataclastic gabbro suite and a variably magnetic sequence of cataclastic gabbro interlayered with paragneiss.
Uranium mineralization occurs within fractures and cataclastic alteration zones
KlEnppibEncken is an intrusive-related uranium deposit, hosted by brecciated and cataclastic granite which is strongly enriched in fluorite or hematite.
A series of NE-SW-striking shear and cataclastic fault zones are located in a belt between the largest Wiborg and Riga plutons.
The Bear Showing at the west end of Sharpe Lake, formerly mapped as an older meta-conglomerate and tonalite assemblage, has been recognized and redefined as a younger felsic intrusive bounded on both sides by cataclastic bifurcations of the SWFZ.
Vein fragments in the cataclastic breccia observed in drill core indicate the epithermal vein zone developed in the hanging wall of an active fault zone.
Klappibacken is an intrusive-related uranium deposit, hosted by a brecciated or cataclastic granite which is strongly enriched in fluorite.
Identification of the different varieties is difficult in the field because of their intimate association and widespread cataclastic and/or mylonitic overprints.
The shear zone, which trends at 30 [degrees] and dips 70 [degrees] northwest, separates phyllonitic hydrid rocks containing small (1 cm in length) rounded, cataclastic fragments of granite from adjacent sedimentary rocks of the Flagg Cove Formation to the southeast.