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southern catalpa
Catalpa bignonioides


 (kə-tăl′pə, -tôl′-)
Any of various usually deciduous trees of the genus Catalpa of North America, the West Indies, and East Asia, especially C. bignonioides or C. speciosa of the United States, having large heart-shaped leaves, showy clusters of white flowers, and long slender pods.

[Creek katal̷pa : ka-, head + tal̷pa, wing (from the shape of its flowers).]


(Plants) any bignoniaceous tree of the genus Catalpa of North America and Asia, having large leaves, bell-shaped whitish flowers, and long slender pods
[C18: New Latin, from Carolina Creek kutuhlpa, literally: winged head, referring to the appearance of the flowers]


(kəˈtæl pə)

n., pl. -pas.
any of several trees of the genus Catalpa, of the bignonia family, native to North America and E Asia, having white flower clusters and long, beanlike seed pods.
[1720–30, Amer.; (< New Latin) < Creek katałpa <iká head + tałpa wing]
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Noun1.catalpa - tree of the genus Catalpa with large leaves and white flowers followed by long slender podscatalpa - tree of the genus Catalpa with large leaves and white flowers followed by long slender pods
genus Catalpa - a dicotyledonous genus of plants belonging to the family Bignoniaceae; has large flowers (white or mottled) and long terete pods
Catalpa bignioides - catalpa tree of southern United States
Catalpa speciosa - catalpa tree of central United States
bean tree - any of several trees having seedpods as fruits
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Sometimes I went south to visit our German neighbours and to admire their catalpa grove, or to see the big elm tree that grew up out of a deep crack in the earth and had a hawk's nest in its branches.
The motionless figure of a man leaning against a gigantic catalpa twenty feet off appeared, half-veiled by the foliage.
Trees best planted in the fall include the Crabapple, Catalpa, Hackberry, Elm, Maple, Pine, Spruce, Sycamore, Alder, and Ash.
In the park is a rare Catalpa Tree planted in 1930 when the park was officially opened and still surviving today.
CATALPA Venue: The Lyric Theatre Date: Friday 16th January - Saturday 17th January A classic of modern Irish theatre, Catalpa is the story of the daring 1875 whaleship rescue of six Irish prisoners from Fremantle penal colony in Australia - all in the vibrant imagination of a screenwriter, the best movie never made
250 new trees aged 3 through 6 years will be planted, including maple, catalpa, linden and others, the mayor's office said.
Warder's ideas to use a catalpa tree hedge and unfenced lots were considered highly original for the time.
He has recently been appointed to the Advisory Board of Estro Catalpa, the largest pre-school operator in the Netherlands and has been the global chief executive of Knowledge Universe Education, which has significant multi-site educational interests in Singapore, Malaysia and India.
From water lilies and other floating leaves to catalpa trees and star-shaped leaves, young readers are invited to identify some fourteen North American plants.
Evolution Mining was formed through the merger of Catalpa Resources Limited and Conquest Mining Limited, and the concurrent purchase of Newcrest Mining Limited's interests in the Cracow and Mt Rawdon gold mines in Queensland.
It is the oldest and the largest in size, and it has the largest circumference of any other Catalpa tree in the state.
Snoop Dogg has a soon-to-be released reggae album, "Reincarnated," and is headlining the two-day outdoor music festival Catalpa NYC this weekend.