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Adj.1.cataphatic - of or relating to the religious belief that God can be known to humans positively or affirmatively
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The cataphatic way is both invocation and incarnation.
Cataphatic descriptions of religious realties are important; apophatic ones are essential.
In his typology, listening can be compassionate, cataphatic or apophatic, and it is the last of these that Dobson advocates (p.
42) Arguably this is the problem with much academic theology at the moment, whether it be Christian or post-Christian, an ugly term that I take to mean secular philosophers and theologians deeply influenced by the Christian tradition, not unlike myself; too many insist that theology be solely cataphatic or solely apophatic.
Part Two explores how two different dimensions of the mystical tradition--the cataphatic and apophatic--inform the thought and writing of Woolf and Murdoch.
Thus the cataphatic tradition tries to describe God, they would say that God is love, omnipotent, etc.
In particular, those traditions contain, not only cataphatic strands, which assertively purport to describe who or what God is, and are hence conducive to the promulgation of dogma, but also apophatic strands, which unassumingly limit themselves to describing who or what God is not, and are hence conducive to the practice of mysticism (McGinn, 2006).
Hart's poem holds in tension cataphatic and apophatic theology, a god who is both present and absent, but expresses these concepts in simpler terms: the human desire for the infinite and our inescapable condition of finitude.
Sometimes, it has been considered in contrast with positive theology, or cataphatic theology, which assumes that there are ways to express God.
31) It also resonates with cataphatic and apophatic moments in the negative theology of Pseudo-Dionysius.
The cataphatic, or the "verbose element in theology" leads to the apophatic, or the act of speaking in terms of what is not said about God (Turner 20).
The endnotes could have profited from an extra proofread, while the index could have been more comprehensive (the index lacks references to beghards or cataphatic theology, for instance).