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a. The doctrine that major changes in the earth's crust result from sudden catastrophes, such as the impact of a large meteor, rather than from gradual evolutionary processes.
b. The doctrine that changes in the earth's fauna and flora result from major catastrophic events that cause the die-off of many organisms and are followed by the appearance of new types of organisms.
2. The prediction or expectation of cataclysmic upheaval, as in political or social developments.

ca·tas′tro·phist n.
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I didn't commit murder," continued the Catastrophist mildly, "but only perjury.
Gordon Woo, catastrophist, RMS, said terrorists have been largely thwarted in their ability to obtain explosives and have resorted to other tactics, such as using vehicles to target groups of people.
Porter Abbott notes that, after Darwin, religious conversion stood as the "last remaining outpost of the catastrophist paradigm of change at the ontogenetic level.
In relation to climate change, the end of history could also be written as the paralysis embedded in catastrophist accounts of climate change or as the displacement of responsibility that follows the misreading of scientific evidence in, for example, the narratives of climate change sceptics (for examples, see Chivers, 2012).
De este modo, como senala Buci-Glucksmann, Benjamin aspira a sustituir el idealismo inherente al tiempo moderno, siempre basado en el progreso, por "a catastrophist messianic instant that will release the future buried in the past and build it with the present.
The first complexity relates to the ubiquity of catastrophist expectation and prediction in this country.
Mary is the typical woman who constantly talks about herself, fixates on her problems too much, get nervous easily and has a somewhat catastrophist view.
For readers of Haenel's novel, it is difficult to see how this tribute is intended, in that not only are Karski's real views on history distorted and manipulated but, as Lanzmann states, Karski is turned into a fairly one-dimensional catastrophist, bent on accusing and denouncing the entire world for the destruction of European Jewry while refusing to acknowledge crucial historical realities and distinctions (Jan Karski de Yannick Haenel 5).
While Smith highlights the severity, of the situation, he mostly avoids hyperbole and catastrophist rhetoric.
Gordin tells the story of Immanuel Velikovsky, a Russian catastrophist who published Worlds of Collision in 1950, which enjoyed resurgence in the 1960's counterculture.
Gordon Woo, catastrophist specializing in the mathematical aspects of catastrophe insurance risk modeling for Risk Management Solutions, tells PC360 the bombing is "bound to have an impact on event cancellation.
We are reminded by it that the catastrophist school of modern literary history, in which poetry by such as Eliot was deemed to be decisively different from what was before and around it, is wrong; that there was a far more graduated transition from Victorian into modern, and that 'native' British poets--i.