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1. A songbird (Dumetella carolinensis) of North and Central America having predominantly slate plumage and a cry like the mew of a cat.
2. Any of various other species of birds having a similar cry, especially one of several birds of Australia and New Guinea related to the bowerbirds.


1. (Animals) any of several North American songbirds of the family Mimidae (mockingbirds), esp Dumetella carolinensis, whose call resembles the mewing of a cat
2. (Animals) any of several Australian bowerbirds of the genera Ailuroedus and Scenopoeetes, having a catlike call



a songbird with catlike vocalizations, esp. a common slate-colored member of the mockingbird family, Dumetella carolinensis, inhabiting the E and central U.S.
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Noun1.catbird - any of various birds of the Australian region whose males build ornamented structures resembling bowers in order to attract femalescatbird - any of various birds of the Australian region whose males build ornamented structures resembling bowers in order to attract females
oscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
Ptilonorhynchus violaceus, satin bird, satin bowerbird - of southeast Australia; male is glossy violet blue; female is light grey-green
Chlamydera nuchalis, great bowerbird - large bowerbird of northern Australia
2.catbird - North American songbird whose call resembles a cat's mewingcatbird - North American songbird whose call resembles a cat's mewing
oscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus


[ˈkætbɜːd] N to be (sitting) in the catbird seat (US) → sentirse seguro
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A catbird, the Northern mocker, lit in a tree over Tom's head, and trilled out her imitations of her neighbors in a rapture of enjoyment; then a shrill jay swept down, a flash of blue flame, and stopped on a twig almost within the boy's reach, cocked his head to one side and eyed the strangers with a consuming curiosity; a gray squirrel and a big fellow of the "fox" kind came skurrying along, sitting up at intervals to inspect and chatter at the boys, for the wild things had probably never seen a human being before and scarcely knew whether to be afraid or not.
muttered Hawkeye, with an inward laugh, "to go through life, like a catbird, mocking all the ups and downs that may happen to come out of other men's throats.
Wild vines entangled the trees and flaunted in their faces; brambles and briers caught their clothes as they passed; the garter snake glided across their path; the spotted toad hopped and waddled before them; and the restless catbird mewed at them from every thicket.
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A heavy track was blamed for the defeat of brilliant two-year-old Catbird at Rosehill on Saturday, writes Syd Brennan.
Our subplot stars both coaches - Kurt Rambis, who has yet to lose while sitting in the Lakers' catbird seat, and Clippers coach Chris Ford, who must be saving a fortune on victory cigars.
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Catbird gave super stallion Danehill his fourth Golden Slipper winner at Rosehill last Saturday, writes Syd Brennan.