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 (kăch′pĕn′ē, kĕch′-)
Designed and made to sell without concern for quality; cheap.
A cheap item.


(Commerce) (prenominal) designed to have instant appeal, esp in order to sell quickly and easily without regard for quality: catchpenny ornaments.
n, pl -nies
(Commerce) an item or commodity that is cheap and showy


(ˈkætʃˌpɛn i)
made to sell readily at a low price; cheap; trashy.
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Adj.1.catchpenny - designed to sell quickly without concern for quality; "catchpenny ornaments"
cheap, inexpensive - relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"


[ˈkætʃˌpenɪ] ADJllamativo (y barato), hecho para venderse al instante
catchpenny solutionsolución f atractiva (pero poco recomendable)
References in classic literature ?
You have manufacturers contriving tens of thousands of catchpenny devices, storekeepers displaying them, and newspapers and magazines filled up with advertisements of them
Its subject was the so-called Black Museum at Scotland Yard; and from the catchpenny text we first learned that the gruesome show was now enriched by a special and elaborate exhibit known as the Raffles Relics.
McKenna limits his discussion to plays that "either directly or indirectly confront issues of sectarian conflict" (1), and within these parameters he examines a fairly representative sample: Stewart Parker's Catchpenny Twist, Northern Star, and Pentecost; Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City and Volunteers; John Wilson Haire's Within Two Shadows; Martin Lynch's The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty; Graham Reid's The Death of Humpty Dumpty and The Closed Door, Kenneth Branagh's Public Enemy; Patrick Galvin's We Do It for Love; Frank McGuinness's Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme and Carthaginians; Christina Reid's Did You Hear the One about the Irishman?
His biographers blame this rough treatment on the pro-slavery lobby's racist attacks on him in London's catchpenny press (Marshall and Stock 11819), and there may have been other peculiar circumstances working against him at that particular time and place.
that in a way is unthinkable in itself--every other Kultural thing but not poet--Frost is the only living poet if you're looking out the window of the white house--and of course he's a middle everything idiot--whose catchpenny verse has enthralled millions--
Maxwell has compiled a list of plays dealing with these relevant issues: Wilson John Haire's Within Two Shadows (1972), Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City (1973) and Volunteers (1975), David Rudkin's Ashes (1974) and The Saxon Shore (1986), Stewart Parker's Catchpenny Twist (1977), Bill Morrison's Flying Blind (1977), Graham Reid's The Death of Humpty Dumpty (1979) and The Closed Door (1980), Martin Lynch's The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty (1988), Stewart Parker's Pentecost (1987), Anne Devlin's Ourselves Alone (1985), Kenneth Branagh's Public Enemy (1987), and Frank McGuinness's Carthaginians (1988).
MICHAEL Howard, Britain's No1 catchpenny politician (definition: a worthless article puffed up to catch the pennies of those foolish enough to buy it) has come up with a new wheeze.
Catchpenny Twist, the play after Spokesong, like a number of later plays, was produced in both theater and television: it was put on at the Peacock, the more experimental space of the Abbey Theatre, and then produced by BBC television.
Dom Grace and Boff Whalley's tale centres around sassy Luddite rebel Elsie Proud as she wages war against the ruthless rags-to-riches boss Ernest Hardgristle and career climbing politician Robert Catchpenny.
At a time when crass, catchpenny titles pour from the presses, it is that unusual thing: A new book that matters.
Nonetheless, the beginnings of this branch of literature were humble indeed: ephemeral, street-hawked single-sheet ballads, penny and halfpenny broadsides, catchpenny prints, pamphlets, chapbooks and moralities, inspired by contemporarily famous and fascinating pieces of mischief, and embroidered with dire, cautionary, tongue-in-hypocritical-cheek admonishments - religious, philosophic, 'improving'.
WHAT: An all-ages concert benefiting Children's Home Society & Family Services -- families are welcome WHO: The concert line up includes some of the Twin Cities' hottest bands who are volunteering their time to rock the youth: Invincible Kids, So It Goes, Maudlin, The Limns, Sick of Sarah and Catchpenny.