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also catch·poll  (kăch′pōl′, kĕch′-)
A sheriff's officer, especially one who arrests debtors.

[Middle English cacchepol, from Norman French cachepol, probably from Old French chacepol : chacier, to chase; see chase1 + poul, rooster (from Latin pullus, chicken; see pau- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˈkætʃˌpəʊl) or


(Historical Terms) (in medieval England) a sheriff's officer who arrested debtors
[Old English cæcepol, from Medieval Latin cacepollus tax-gatherer, literally: chicken-chaser, from cace- catch + pollus (from Latin pullus chick)]


or catch•poll


(formerly) a petty officer of justice, esp. one arresting persons for debt.
[before 1050; Middle English cacchepol, late Old English cæcephol < Medieval Latin cacepollus tax-gatherer, literally, chase-fowl =cace- (< Old North French; see catch) + pollus < Latin pullus chick; see pullet]
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