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 (kăch′əp, kĕch′-)
Variant of ketchup.


(ˈkætʃəp; ˈkɛtʃ-)
(Cookery) a variant spelling (esp US) of ketchup


intended to keep up with or surpass a norm or competitor: catch-up pay raises.
play catch-up, to attempt to overtake a competitor or opponent.
[1835–45, Amer.]


(ˈkætʃ əp, ˈkɛtʃ-)

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I don't have my timing and I really need to catchup on a lot of things,' he said.
They start the fixture catchup on Saturday with the first of three away matches in a row when they travel to Sandbach.
MANILA: A report says South Asia's education and skills training remain binding constraints as the subregion's countries play catchup with more successful Asian economies.
campaign and two days catchup, while in the mobile team areas, there will be a three days campaign and 1 to 2 day catchup.
For those who haven't read the first nine, the first chapter gives a useful catchup.
In the core reservoir areas covered through Community Based Vaccination (CBV) approach, it will be a 5 days campaign and 2 days catchup, while in the mobile team areas, there will be a 3 days campaign and 1 or 2 day catchup.
Real Mayo has additional proteins making it rich and nutritious, as for Fruity Catchup, it's an innovative ketchup with the combination of apples and tomatoes.
There was no catchup TV and video recorders had yet to be invented.
I had a great catchup with Bruno (Tonioli) recently and it's a massive deal because he's been there from the start, but I understand.
So whether it's a special occasion, catchup with pals or a quick coffee you're looking for, there's a booth for you at Frankie & Benny's.
Walmart is playing catchup with Amazon, whose Prime service debuted over a decade ago.