catechetical instruction

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Noun1.catechetical instruction - teaching religious principles by questions and answers
teaching, pedagogy, instruction - the profession of a teacher; "he prepared for teaching while still in college"; "pedagogy is recognized as an important profession"
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28) In order to highlight the importance of religious instruction, the Council called for the institution of a Diocesan Catechetical Office to "control the entire catechetical instruction in the diocese," particularly to ensure that in all parishes, schools and colleges, "properly prepared teachers" taught Christian doctrine "according to the traditional form of the Church.
The result was four centuries of "evangelistic sacramentalization," with thousands being baptized but without any catechetical instruction.
Like Robert Bellarmine, whose stint as a pastoral bishop in southern Italy influenced his own approach to catechetical instruction and whose writings rippled throughout the Catholic world, figures such as Geamon and Stapleton were clearly affected by their experiences as priests on the ground in Ireland.
This document offered "a detailed framework for catechetical instruction for high school students" (Zapor, 2008, [paragraph] 1) based on an eight-semester curriculum of six required courses and two electives--the latter to be chosen from among five approved courses.
For the same reason, I encourage you, the people of Tondo, and all the People of God in the Philippines, to exercise your individual and corporate responsibility for increasing catechetical instruction as you endeavor to implement fully the social teachings of the Church.
21) The essential elements for catechetical renewal available to the Church included: the proposed development of a systematic approach for the provision of religious instruction, regular lessons with specific themes and a methodology of teaching distinguished from that of preaching; a clear inter-generational approach, with children, youth and adults identified as those in need of instruction with implications of life-long learning for both the teacher and those that were being taught; and, the notion that such catechetical instruction should be available to all walks of life, rich and poor, the otherwise well educated and those with little educational experience.
A number of practising homosexuals partake of the Body and Blood of Christ without any correction or catechetical instruction on the divine blessings of chastity.
These theological problems in reading the Old Testament are reflected in the life of the church, in the liturgy, in the texts read, in catechetical instruction and so forth.
In contrast to Pastor Georg Tobias Fronmuller's moralizing preaching and catechetical instruction, his leading of the liturgy left a permanent impression on the young Wilhelm.
The educational effect of catechetical instruction in the fourth century A.
the Liturgy of the Hours, the celebration of daily Mass, and catechetical instruction that made use of music to aid memorization and devotion) imposed a specifically European structure and discipline on indigenous lives.
Ignatius ofm Cap, had composed a few songs on Bible themes in Bhili and had begun to use them for evangelization and catechetical instruction.