catechetical instruction

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Noun1.catechetical instruction - teaching religious principles by questions and answers
teaching, pedagogy, instruction - the profession of a teacher; "he prepared for teaching while still in college"; "pedagogy is recognized as an important profession"
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What this confusion about the Real Presence may indicate is that some, perhaps many, articles of our Catholic faith that we learned by rote, or at least without careful catechetical instruction, are fragile reeds that bend easily in almost any wind.
Yet they were fearful of the teachings of other groups, particularly Anglicans of Tractarian sentiments and Roman Catholics, and thus steadfastly opposed catechetical instruction in the schools.
Joining forces with other prelates, he persuaded the bishops' conference to launch a major pastoral venture called the "Gran Mision de Chile," which promoted lay participation and encouraged innovative programs such as family-based catechetical instruction, team ministries and base communities.
The context of catechetical instruction in the United States undoubtedly varies from place to place depending both on the mandates of local bishops or pastors, as well as the degree of preparation of the catechists, many of whom are volunteers.
Thailand is broadcasting one hour of Thai programming a day, catechetical instruction, religious instruction, religious news, all in Thai to the 300,000-member Thai church.
But Appleby thinks catechetical instruction does have a lot to do with the problems and their solution.
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith overturned a three-year-old decision by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments and said the NRSV is unsuitable for use in liturgical texts or for catechetical instruction, according to an Oct.
This document offered "a detailed framework for catechetical instruction for high school students" (Zapor, 2008, [paragraph] 1) based on an eight-semester curriculum of six required courses and two electives--the latter to be chosen from among five approved courses.
A number of practising homosexuals partake of the Body and Blood of Christ without any correction or catechetical instruction on the divine blessings of chastity.
These theological problems in reading the Old Testament are reflected in the life of the church, in the liturgy, in the texts read, in catechetical instruction and so forth.
In contrast to Pastor Georg Tobias Fronmuller's moralizing preaching and catechetical instruction, his leading of the liturgy left a permanent impression on the young Wilhelm.
The educational effect of catechetical instruction in the fourth century A.