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A UNION representing head teachers in Wales has hit out at the Welsh Government's new school categorisation system, claiming those operating in most challenged circumstances will be harshly treated.
The MRPS is headed by fiery Manda Krishna Madiga, who has been waging a two-decade long struggle for the categorisation of 12.
Websense offers reputation-based web security protection through its ThreatSeeker malicious content identification and categorisation technology, providing enhanced security intelligence to the URL Categorization Engine.
The process of categorisation of page content can then be carried out in real time or each page can be processed and the results cached to ensure ongoing efficiency.
BorderWare will integrate SurfControl's globally renowned content categorisation into its Firewall Server 6.
In comes something called the national school categorisation system.
The Institute, which already uses Smartlogik products for its own use, will resell Smartlogik search and categorisation products in the development of its new application delivering superior trend analysis.