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v. ca·tered, ca·ter·ing, ca·ters
1. To provide food or entertainment.
2. To be particularly attentive or solicitous; minister: The nurses catered to my every need. The legislation catered to various special interest groups.
1. To provide food service for: a business that caters banquets and weddings.
2. To attend to the wants or needs of.

[From obsolete cater, a buyer of provisions, from Middle English catour, short for acatour, from Norman French, from acater, to buy, from Vulgar Latin *accaptāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin captāre, to chase; see catch.]

ca′ter·er n.


(Cookery) a person who caters, esp one who as a profession provides food for large social events, etc


(ˈkeɪ tər ər)

1. a person whose business is to provide food, supplies, and service at social gatherings.
2. a person who caters.
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Noun1.caterer - someone who provides food and service (as for a party)caterer - someone who provides food and service (as for a party)
provider, supplier - someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity
مُتَعَهِّدٌ بِتَزْويد الطّعام
élelmiszerszállítóellátásról gondoskodó cég
ikram hizmeti sunan kişikuruluş


[ˈkeɪtərəʳ] Nproveedor(a) m/f de catering


[ˈkeɪtərər] n (for party)traiteur/euse m/f; (for school, organization)fournisseur/euse m/f


n (= company)Lieferfirma ffür Speisen und Getränke; (for parties etc) → Partyservice m; (= owner, manager)Gastronom(in) m(f)


[ˈkeɪtərəʳ] nchi si occupa di catering or ristorazione


(ˈkeitə) verb
1. to provide food etc. We cater for all types of functions.
2. to supply what is needed. We cater for all educational needs.
ˈcaterer noun
ˈcatering noun
References in classic literature ?
The big wholesale supply houses, the caterers for his hotels, and all the crowd that incessantly demanded to be paid, had their hot half-hours with him.
Such caterers as the meat-packers, who were among the first to realize what Bell had made possible, have greatly accelerated the wheels of their business by inter-city conversations.
The owners, who officiate as caterers for the voyage, supply the larder with an abundance of dainties.
Wells, the lawyer, and the other two I don't think I remember, sir--oh, yes, one was to Ross's, the caterers in Tadminster.
The nominations for The Caterer Middle East Awards are now open.
Summary: The Caterer offers nutritious and balanced meals to businesses, communities and individuals
When asked about the menu being served to the Pakistani pilgrims, the caterer said that a complete meal comprising proteins, fruits, dairy items, sweets is being served to the Hujjaj.
He pointed out that some customers prefer to buy live sheep themselves and give it to the caterer to be processed while others leave the whole process to the outlet.
The Organizing Committees will determine the caterer with whom they wish to work, from among the list of caterers referenced.
The organizations and groups listed below are all loyal customers; most have used us on many occasions and with some we have now achieved approved and/or nominated caterer status; catering for all major events held by them.
Sometimes, the issue is not related to halal but health and hygiene; sometimes it is not related to the restaurant or caterer, but the meat or chicken being used.
The on-premises caterer's business was booming, and the synagogue's insurance costs were increasing because it was required to name the caterer as an additional insured on its policy--and therefore would be paying to cover the caterer's insurance exposures.