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caterpillar tractor®

nRaupenfahrzeug nt, → Gleiskettenfahrzeug nt
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The first steam powered Holt Manufacturing Company production model Caterpillar tractor was sold in 1906.
A Caterpillar tractor began moving dirt Thursday so that a foundation could be laid for a 20-by-32 prefabricated steel building to replace the barn manager's building destroyed by fire Sept.
The new features of the Midwestern sideboom attachment for high-drive D8N and D8R track-type Caterpillar tractor include excellent visibility to the front of tracks and load hook, pilot controls for simultaneous control of hydraulic operations, free fall, vertical boom stop and kick out, and multiaxis hydraulic joystick combined with a rebalanced weight distribution for optimum control and performance.
In Caterpillar Tractor,(9) the Court of Claims ruled that interpretative regulations are not law, but are simply the interpretation of statutes previously enacted.
For a full third of this century, Larry Solomon has worked at a Caterpillar tractor plant in southern Illinois.
Terms of the agreement include a 3-percent general wage increase and 5 cents per hour for nonincentive ("schedule A" and "schedule B") workers, and a base rate for incentive workers equal to 95 percent of the new schedule A rates, in June 1990; an increase of "at least 3 percent" in February 1992 for both incentive and nonincentive workers (the rate will be adjusted to match any rate above 3 percent negotiated in October 1991 at the Caterpillar Tractor Co.
Before transferring to the University of Illinois, he studied General Engineering at Bradley University, during which time working at Caterpillar Tractor Company in East Peoria, Illinois.
Until, at least, county employees tried to run him over with a Caterpillar tractor.
At the one-acre farm, guests can climb aboard a Caterpillar tractor, join in an interactive Farmers Expo and stroll amidst plots of crops.
In 1925, Holt and Best joined forces to form Caterpillar Tractor Co.
Bristol-based customer care group iSKY Europe - which handles customer inquiries for BMW - is setting up its first Scots venture on the ashes of the huge former Caterpillar tractor factory in Uddingston.