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Adj.1.caterpillar-tracked - having caterpillar treads or tracks on the wheels; "a caterpillar-tracked earthmover"
tracked - having tracks; "new snow tracked by rabbits"; "tracked vehicles"
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Others models include gun-towing Caterpillar-tracked machines and a model of a workshop where equipment was mended and features a machine gun being repaired on the work bench.
He is the creator of the "Sound Panzer", a caterpillar-tracked tank that the Berlin-based artist converted into a powerful bass monster.
However, these criticisms will do little to deter teen readers from first devouring Scrivener's Moon in tasty gobbets and then consigning its humble reviewer to a thorough flattening by a fully-functioning caterpillar-tracked mobile city
Below OP Two, a caterpillar-tracked back hoe is widening an Israeli army supply road.
Disgruntled motorists can take the caterpillar-tracked tank around a Somerset quarry, and finish the day off by mowing down a mocked-up speed camera.
Design ecologist Tim Hodnett said: "We have used concrete railway sleepers to construct an access road for the caterpillar-tracked excavators, so as to protect the burrows the voles make, otherwise the Environment Agency could not get to the stream to do essential work.
I do not dare ask how things are with you, but I watch the Channel 4 news and I suspect that the Rothill caterpillar-tracked combine (the one everybody laughed at) will be well in play this year.