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However, increasing evidence indicates that some species are diandric hermaphrodites, such as the catface grouper (Epinephelus andersoni) (Fennessy and Sadovy, 2002), and Sadovy and Colin (1995) confirmed gonochorism, with the potential for protogynous sex change, in the Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus).
On Fridays, Bumper host their Catface club night - so be warned that, if you head there on a Friday, you may end up with some whiskers drawn on your face.
Aside from the fish mentioned, we caught some 11 different species, among them the Yellowspot, Bludger and Giant Kingfish, Yellow-edged and Catface Rock cod, Blood snapper and Prodigal son, and lost a few bigger fish which were just too much for our tackle.