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A beam projecting outward from the bow of a ship and used as a support to lift the anchor.

[Obsolete cat, catboat + head.]


(Nautical Terms) a fitting at the bow of a vessel for securing the anchor when raised
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Following the ceremony, the bride's parents honored guests with a reception at Cathead Distillery in downtown Jackson.
Next time, I might try a Farish Street Colada made with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka.
The SSK-1 kit includes an additional hydraulic valve, Cathead and tower kit with stabilizer legs that extend out in front of the drill for additional stability.
Caption: The I Love You, Honeybear cocktail, served at the Monkey Board rooftop bar in New Orleans hotel The Troubadour, is made with Cathead honeysuckle vodka, honeydew syrup, blanc vermouth and wildflower honey shrub.
And cathead decorations were not limited to cats; they could be other animals like lions or even stars.
The name of the Code manipulator Range 1 E-BRAKE 1 GEN E-STOP 2 VFD E-STOP 3 PARKING BRAKE 4 Range 2 RT MOTOR CONTROL 5 RT INERTIA BRAKE 6 RT SPEED SETTING 7 RT TORQUE LIMIT 8 Range 3 LEFT CATHEAD 9 RIGHT CATHEAD 10 ROTARY CATHEAD 11 ALARM 12 Range 4 AIR SPINNER 13 TOOLS SELECT 14 SPARE1 15 SPARE2 16 Table 2: The size of each type of manipulators (mm).
Because topless cranes have no cathead at the top, it's easier to overlap them and overall crane working heights don't need to be so high.
military attache LCol Creg Paulk, MGen Blaise Cathead, Devin Dreeshen, Ben Stevenson, Netherlands military attache LCol Christa Opper-Beumer (the only female player), Chris Pulfer, Andrew Mayeda (Bloomberg News), Blake Strachan, Adam Peace, BGen Sylvain Sirois, Australian High Commission defence liaison Wing Commander Russell Page, MGen Jay Milne, BGen Alex Patch, MGen Chuck Lamarre, Doug Thomas, Lee Bedhiaume (Postmedia News), Scott Taylor (Esprit de Corps), Cmdre Scott Bishop, German military attache LCol Ralf Heimrich.
In 2013, work focused on the northern end, in the Silver Lake Wilderness Area, where new trail was constructed along the southwestern slope of Little Cathead Mountain.
The black slinky dresses featuring cathead shoulder pads were the highlight of The Blonds' fashion show at Milk Studios.
Injuries involving the winch drum had a higher risk for fatal outcomes compared with injuries involving the winch cathead.
The plovers are a flagship species for conservation and protection of special places," says Cuthbert--such as shoreline throughout the Great Lakes, including portions of Whitefish Point and Vermillion Point on Lake Superior and habitat near Cross Village, South Fox Island, and Cathead Bay near Lake Michigan.