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n. pl. ca·the·drae (-drē)
1. A bishop's official chair or throne.
2. The office or see of a bishop.
3. The official chair of an office or a position, as of a professor.

[Middle English, from Latin, chair, from Greek kathedrā : kat-, kata-, cata- + hedrā, seat; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a bishop's throne
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the office or rank of a bishop
3. (Roman Catholic Church) See ex cathedra
[from Latin: chair]


(kəˈθi drə, ˈkæθ ɪ-)

n., pl. -drae (-dri, -ˌdri)
the seat or throne of a bishop in the principal church of a diocese.
[1625–35; < Latin < Greek kathédra chair, throne, derivative of kathézesthai to sit down]
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Noun1.cathedra - a throne that is the official chair of a bishopcathedra - a throne that is the official chair of a bishop
cathedral - any large and important church
throne - the chair of state for a monarch, bishop, etc.; "the king sat on his throne"
References in classic literature ?
Are we to have a Pope of science, with infallible decrees laid down EX CATHEDRA, and accepted without question by the poor humble public?
WELL on the way towards celebrating its half-century, Ex Cathedra is set to launch its latest season of exciting exploration into the choral repertoire.
AS THE excitement grows at Ex Cathedra, with the approaching 10th anniversaries of its two major education projects, Singing Playgrounds and Singing Medicine, it is looking forward to involving as many as possible of the schools, hospitals and other partners that it has worked with over the last ten years.
CANDLELIT concerts by the voices of Ex Cathedra have become a real highlight of the Christmas calendar in the Midlands.
Most Catholics have a pet list of teachings that they wish would be declared infallibly, or ex cathedra (from the Chair of Peter).
Its origin is in the Latin word cathedra, from which we get the word cathedral, which refers to the bishop's seat/chair, because it was from the cathedra that the bishop exercised his authority regarding the affairs of the diocese.
The festival ends on Sunday with a concert by Baroque Ex Cathedra choir at the Riverfront Theatre in Newport.
Certainly some pontificate more than most, but are any such ex cathedra judgments worth the time of day outside of a cathedral?
When CEOs express their ex cathedra opinions, usually via talented ghostwriters, their comments have been reviewed by the finance department, fact-checked by the public relations department, vetted by the lawyers.
However, Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution On The Church (25) teaches that "loyal submission of the will and intellect must be given, in a special way, to the authentic teaching authority of the Roman Pontiff, even when he does not speak "ex cathedra.
Ex Cathedra (November): Ex Cathedra, one of the UK's finest choirs, is best known for its critically acclaimed performances of Early Music, and has a burgeoning reputation for Latin American Baroque.
Near the cardinal's cathedra, or bishop's chair, stands an organ containing 6,019 pipes and 183 trumpets.