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n. Abbr. ka
1. A negatively charged electrode, as of an electrolytic cell, storage battery, diode, or electron tube.
2. The positively charged terminal of a primary cell or a storage battery that is supplying current.

[Greek kathodos, descent : kat-, kata-, cata- + hodos, way, path.]

ca·thod′ic (kă-thŏd′ĭk) adj.
ca·thod′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cathodic - of or at or pertaining to a cathode; "cathodic deposition of metals"
anodal, anodic - of or at or relating to an anode
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a full-service provider of cathodic protection systems and solutions around the world, will announce the launch of its new Client Support program, 'mPort' at the upcoming NACE Annual Conference.
Contract notice: Provision of a cathodic protection system by impressed current (cicp) for models.
It is an inline inspection tool that measures and records the cathodic protection (CP) current or other currents that are using the pipeline as part of a circuit.
PC-based software is ideal for pipeline and tank companies that want to optimize their investments in cathodic protection while lowering their operating costs
A new high temperature liquid epoxy that provides excellent cathodic disbondment resistance for pipeline and industrial applications with surface operating temperatures up to 212 degrees F is now available from Tyco Adhesives' Corrosion Protection Group.
Tenders are invited for Inspection, testing and evaluation of cathodic protection test stations and rectifier units at various locations
The unit displays the cathodic protection potentials from permanent reference electrodes installed at two critical locations on a wet tree deployed to 4,300 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.
Newest cathodic protection radio offers increased speed and opens up new markets with 2.
Two more marking options--Vulcan's H-41 Cathodic Test Station and H-41 Vent Marker--are variations of the company's Bullet Marker and are designed for more specific applications.
Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services (Brand) took over a major cathodic protection product and corrosion engineering services firm, Matcor, Inc.
American Innovations has announced release of the Bullhorn RM4010, a remote cathodic protection monitoring product featuring current interruption and two-way communication, designed specifically for cathodic protection (CP) applications.
McAdams will discuss radio-based, remote monitoring cathodic protection