cattle breeding

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Noun1.cattle breeding - breeding cattlecattle breeding - breeding cattle      
breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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Changes were made in the procedure for granting subsidies for increasing productivity in dairy cattle breeding.
In an effort to revive small stock production and cattle breeding in the Kgalagadi District, renowned for excellence in small stock production, farmers have entered into a tripartite agreement with government to offer extension services to farming communities in the district at no costs.
According to the data obtained in this study, it can be suggested that cattle breeding herd from different herd be integrated into the herd that are under the ex-situ conservation program and the number of the cattle in the herd be increased.
GB Pant University of Agriculture and technology had a huge dairy farm with a few hundred acres and animals with long term plan for cattle breeding.
Recent studies in the rural communities of South Africa practicing low-input animal agriculture have highlighted the concern of cattle breeding practices [16,104], a high bulling rate, and a high number of young bulls, heifers and young cows [142,98].
In residential areas, gawalas have hired homes for cattle breeding and they throw their waste and dung into sewerage nullahs which remain choked.
Tibin gets informed on French modern technology in cattle breeding improvement's production equipment Khartoum, March 3 (SUNA) - The Federal Minister of Animal Resources Prof.
This trip is part of following the workflow in the cow and cattle breeding field, checking the health status of all animal activity sectors, and making precautionary and preventive measures to combat the FMD spread, which threatens the lives of cows and livestock in general, he noted.
First published in Japanese in 2012 as Kyokuhoku no bokuchikumin Saha, this volume details the horse and cattle breeding culture of the Sakha ethnic minority in Arctic Siberia, with the aims of explaining the diversity of Siberian ethnic minority cultures from an ecological perspective and addressing the concepts of adaptation and evolution as explanations for sociocultural phenomena.
Cost-effective management of highly productive beef cattle breeding is only possible with the maximum use of the reproductive potential of animals breeding stock [1] reports that economic efficiency of beef cattle breeding mainly depends on calves yield per 100 heads of the reproductive part of the herd.
The project supports exchange of technologies in agriculture and cattle breeding.
The Turkish delegation led by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Undersecretary Nihat Pakdil, comprised Dr Nahit Yazicioglu, Head of Department, Animal Health and Quarantine, General Directorate of Food and Control, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Mehmet Ali Karagoz, Dr Ali Ayar, Sirri Ozturk, member of Turkish Cattle Breeding Central Association Dr Huseyin Velioglu, Secretary General, Turkish Cattle Breeding Central Association, Prof Dr Rifki Haziroglu and Dean of Veterinary School, Ankara University.