cattle drive

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Noun1.cattle drive - driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers)cattle drive - driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers)
drive - the act of driving a herd of animals overland
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There were always the governesses, you know, and lessons, and sewing, and housekeeping; but I'm afraid we were too often bribed to our tasks with promises of horses or of cattle drives.
Many of the Westerns made in Hollywood centered on the drama, dangers, and campfire stories of a cattle drive.
He gives a grateful prayer: "God, I humbly give thanks for this successful cattle drive and for my steady partner who hung with me day and night over the months and miles of rough trails.
Notable UK performances include regular appearances on Very British Problems (Channel 4), Stand Up For The Week (Channel 4), Live At The Apollo (BBC1), Channel 4's Comedy Gala Live At The O2, Have I Got News For You (BBC1), Rich Hall's Cattle Drive (BBC4), Rich Hall's Gone Fishing (BBC4), Otis Lee Crenshaw - London Not Tennessee (BBC2), and Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2).
Another homegrown tradition was the commemorative cattle drive on opening day after the parade of horses.
He befriends a cowboy, Creed McCall, who agrees to help him get a job on a north bound cattle drive.
Meanwhile, next door neighbour Ken, a fan of Western movies, is also flying off to his dream destination - the USA - where he wants to join a cattle drive.
The film followed the fortunes of a group of middle-aged family men who sign up for a cattle drive.
When the Hardy Boys stop an attempt to steal Hondo, they are "roped into" helping the cattle drive back to the Welch family dude ranch.
Synopsis: The cattle drive begins as just another ordinary trail drive from Texas to the railroad loading pens in Kansas--but things soon turn deadly as bullets fly and rustlers try to steal the whole herd of steer.
Only in Harney County would we find someone like this, in a cattle drive," he said.
15pm) It's time to see if all Simon and John's training has paid off as they embark on the challenge everything has been building up to - the cattle drive.