cattle ranch

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Noun1.cattle ranch - farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)cattle ranch - farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)
farm - workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit; "it takes several people to work the farm"
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The rest of the land is primarily used as a working cattle ranch with seven outbuildings, corrals, a seven-acre pond and private irrigation rights.
Cattle ranch boss Glenn told him a huge turtle skull was a snake's "just to put the willies up him" ahead of a night's camping, which had him yelping: "Oh, there's a snake in there
Caption: Contractors For Kids' (CFK) hosted a Cowboy-themed show at the Sleepy Hollow Cattle Ranch in Riverhead, N.
She authors an online blog, "Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch.
Another cattle ranch is under investigation, according to reports.
8 million dollars for their sprawling cattle ranch.
Become a cowboy for a week on a working cattle ranch ?
A native of rural Wisconsin, she relocated 10 years ago to a 4,000-acre cattle ranch in Montana, where she went to work for Southern Montana Telephone Co.
Tutor Jan Young draws from her husband's real-life experiences as a cowboy in The Orange Slipknot, a novel set on a Nevada cattle ranch for young readers in the middle grades.
Todd and Amanda find out that their dad has arranged for them to go to Wyoming to help their Uncle Reed on his cattle ranch with the spring roundup.
It combines the qualities of a superior cattle ranch with a game preserve and recreational retreat, and possesses exceptional habitat for big game, upland birds and native fish.
Two half-sisters reunite after inheriting a cattle ranch in the Australian outback--and after 20 years apart, find themselves working together with an all-female workforce.