cattle thief

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Noun1.cattle thief - someone who steals livestock (especially cattle)
stealer, thief - a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
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It is worthwhile to mention here that Shikarpur is most sensitive district in northern Sindh where deadly clashes accustomed to taking place over trivial issues including cattle thief, sharing spy information with police, grazing cattle in Agricultural land, honour killing, monetary issues and etc.
Later, in "The Cattle Thief," Johnson condemned Ottawa's starvation of the prairie nations: "When you pay for the land you live in, we'll pay for the meat we eat.
HYDERABAD -- A alleged cattle thief and drug trafficker was gunned down by police during an encounter here in the jurisdiction of Baldia Police Station.
She was also notorious for her association with cattle thief Frederick Ward.
There is no reports cases of cattle thief within eight counties of Lakes state being caused by youth themselves like before" said Commissioner Kulang.
If a cattle thief gets 30 years, how many years must a rapist or a murderer be put away - 60, 100?
A CATTLE thief who flouted foot and mouth disease regulations has been caught after the cows he stole were DNA tested.