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Toward the tail or posterior end of the body; caudally.

[Latin cauda, tail + -ad.]


(Anatomy) anatomy towards the tail or posterior part. Compare cephalad
[C19: from cauda + -ad2]
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2D); ventro-cephalic angle broadly rounded, its ventral margin gradually ascendant caudad to the more rounded ventro-caudal angle (Fig.
The abnormal bone curved caudad towards the right side of the distal sacral vertebra but was not directly attached to the sacrum.
Pronotum with posterolateral corners broadly rounded or truncated, not pointed or produced caudad (Fig.
Contract awarded for height measuring equipment level, for monitoring caudad in effluent discharge of industrial establishments
Creation of the bladder flap is then completed in the caudad direction approximately 1-2 cm over the ring/cup (see photo 2).
4) This manifests in several ways: (i) an increase in cephalad and caudad peak velocities; (ii) spatial inhomogeneity in velocities; (iii) simultaneous bidirectional flow; and (iv) substantial net craniad or caudad flows within particular voxels and sub regions during the cardiac cycle (Figs 4a - d and 5a - f).
If the pleura is difficult to distinguish from the rib, gross cephalad or caudad translation of the probe will display the intervening ribs as the more superficial echogenic structure causing dropout.
An axial image of the same patient a few centimeters caudad demonstrated distended collateral vessels secondary to left renal vein compression adjacent to the renal hilum (Figure 2).
A 3-level system is useful when considering normal vaginal support cephalad to caudad.