caudal anaesthesia

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Noun1.caudal anaesthesia - regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the caudal end of the spinal canal; now largely replaced by epidural anesthesia
regional anaesthesia, regional anesthesia - loss of sensation in a region of the body produced by application of an anesthetic agent to all the nerves supplying that region (as when an epidural anesthetic is administered to the pelvic region during childbirth)
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An increase in the HR or MAP within 15 minutes of skin incision indicated failure of caudal anaesthesia.
The children were randomly assigned to receive either ondansetron or placebo in combination with caudal anaesthesia.
in addition, three children received fentanyl (dose 1 [micro]g/kg), 17 children received caudal anaesthesia and seven children received neuromuscular blockade with atracurium prior to insertion of the PLMA.