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 (kô-dēl′yō, -dē′yō, kou-)
n. pl. cau·dil·los
1. A leader or chief, especially a military dictator.
2. A political boss; an overlord.

[Spanish, leader, from Late Latin capitellum, diminutive of Latin caput, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɔːˈdiːljəʊ; Spanish kauˈðiʎo)
n, pl -los (-jəʊz; Spanish -ʎos)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Spanish-speaking countries) a military or political leader
[Spanish, from Late Latin capitellum, diminutive of Latin caput head]


(Sp. kaʊˈði lyɔ, -ˈði yɔ)

n., pl. -dil•los (Sp. -ˈði lyɔs, -ˈði yɔs)
(in Spanish-speaking countries) a head of state, esp. a military dictator.
[1850–55; < Sp: chief, leader < Late Latin capitellum; see capital2]
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Grandes Momentos de Nuestra Historia', shows 30 programs of our own production with exclusive images including 'Porfirio Diaz', 'Fiestas del Centenario', 'Francisco Villa, El Centauro del Norte', 'Cuando el Cine llego a la Revolucion', 'Emiliano Zapata, El Caudillo del Sur', 'La Decena Tragica' and 'La Revolucion Mexicana'.
The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco favored the title "el caudillo," which also translates as "the leader.
Extreme presidential regimes have accommodated the long caudillo tradition in the region, in some cases leading to important violations such as the restriction of freedom of the press in Ecuador, the denial of citizenship in the Dominican Republic to hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent, and the manipulation of decisions by the Nicaraguan Supreme Court to allow the president to remain in power.
It elevates one individual, a caudillo (leader), to supreme leadership, often with demi-god status.
The junta and the caudillo are, however, unique cultural and political forms of government that are in need of further comparative analysis.
Then there's the Caudillo himself: Nicholas William Peter Clegg, son of a prominent banker, educated at Westminster, Cambridge and American universities.
According to this logic, the "undecided" are actually leaning toward Capriles, and if their number is larger than Chavez's margin in the polls, the caudillo will lose.
Le Caudillo promettait dans un discours, repris par Balfour dans la page 575 de son ouvrage [beaucoup moins que]Accolade mortelle[beaucoup plus grand que] cite ci-haut : [beaucoup moins que]Recuperer pour l'Espagne sa veritable identite, que seuls eux, situes hors d'elle, pouvaient garantir parce que (.
Replacements: J Caudillo, M Nariashvili, K Kervarec, M Matadigo, K Galletier, B Paillaugue, L Amorosino, I Perraux.
On the back they were led by the solid play of their captain, the caudillo and a veritable Wall of China, Lugano.
I know of no better insight into the inner workings of the caudillo regime, of the egomaniacal ruthless dictator sustained by a repressive state apparatus and compliant media.
Returning to the idea that great writers challenge power, a Swedish journalist specializing in Latin American issues thundered that Vargas Llosa "has been more a voice for power than against power," despite his passionate attacks on the depressingly resilient Latin American caudillo system.