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A warm drink consisting of wine or ale mixed with sugar, eggs, bread, and various spices, sometimes given to ill persons.

[Middle English caudel, from Old North French, from Medieval Latin caldellus, from Latin caldum, hot drink, from caldus, calidus, warm, hot; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Brewing) a hot spiced wine drink made with gruel, formerly used medicinally
[C13: from Old Northern French caudel, from Medieval Latin caldellum, from Latin calidus warm]


(ˈkɔd l)

a warm drink for the sick, as of wine or ale mixed with eggs, bread, sugar, spices, etc.
[1250–1300; Middle English caudel < Old North French < Medieval Latin caldellum < Latin calid(um) warm diluted wine]
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He shut the door, hastened back to his fire, and set to work at his caudle, which he watched and stirred with a solicitude that would have amused a professed cook.
in all this misery his wife has as good caudle as if she lay in the midst of the greatest affluence; I tasted it, and I scarce ever tasted better.
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