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1. An informal discussion or chat, especially of an intellectual nature.
2. A short conversational piece of writing or criticism.

[French, from causer, to talk, from Latin causārī, to plead, discuss, from causa, case, cause.]


(ˈkəʊzərɪ; French kozri)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) an informal talk or conversational piece of writing
[C19: from French, from causer to chat]


(ˌkoʊ zəˈri)

1. an informal conversation; chat.
2. a short, informal essay.
[1820–30; < French caus(er) to chat < Latin causārī]
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Noun1.causerie - light informal conversation for social occasionscauserie - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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En 2005, le cineaste avouait, lors d'une causerie culturelle a la tele pour presenter son livre [beaucoup moins que] L'Horizon [beaucoup plus grand que], qu'il s'appretait a un pelerinage definitif pour Alger.
Mais la parole du clerc n'est pas le seul parasite du discours d'autorite dans cette scene: "Tout marchait a la fois, la requete, la causerie, et la conspiration" (III, 313).
SM le Roi, Amir Al-Mouminine, avait preside, jeudi, a la mosquee "Mohammed VI" la sixieme causerie religieuse de la serie des causeries hassaniennes du mois sacre de Ramadan, avant de presider dans la soiree a la meme mosquee une veillee religieuse en commemoration de Laylat Al-Qadr.
Book a table at the Causerie Restaurant in the Europa Hotel and La Scala Bistro in the Stormont Hotel and enjoy a two-course lunch or dinner for only PS15 or three courses for only PS20 from a menu which has been specially created for Belfast Restaurant Week.
Bann knows more about this branch of French Romanticism than almost anyone since the great 19th-century amateur Henri Beraldi, and the book in some respects marries the enthusiasm and erudition of a bygone causerie with fresh theoretical insight.
Lors d'une autre causerie, un chanteur classique participe a l'evenement.
C'est alors que Kim s'est permis d'ajouter quelques mots a la causerie du capitaine Lee Changgeun.
He was a great gourmet and lover of wine, and in 1920 he brought out Notes on a Cellar-Book, which was the substitute for what he had originally intended to be a full-blown history of wine, and has been well described as 'an allusive causerie on wine'.
Historischen und kritischen Inhalts (Berlin, 1793-1794), La Critica Musicale (Florence, 1918-1923), LeDiapason (Brussels, 1850-1852), Fanfare; A musical causerie (London, 1921-1922), and Musikalisches Wochenblati / Musikalische Monatsschrift (Berlin, 1791-1792).
Quiller-Couch], "A Literary Causerie," Speaker (November 24, 1894): 573.
The second half of the book is what Kermode calls a causerie, "a loosely organized series of observations" on, for example, the practical realities of publishing when Forster was alive, and the nature of Forster's class consciousness.
24) Alvin Rubin, A Causerie on Lawyers' Ethics in Negotiation, 35 LA.