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Cur. adv. vult

abbreviation for
(Law) Curia advisari vult: used in English law to indicate that a court has decided to consider a case privately before giving judgment, as when time is needed to consider arguments or submissions made to it. Compare avizandum
[Medieval Latin: the court wishes to consider]


1. cavalier.
2. cavalry.
3. cavity.
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Boeing's team of engineers and technicians designed and built the CAV prototype in less than three months.
Whittle Jones Chartered Surveyors, agents acting on behalf of Northern Trust Company Ltd, have sealed a deal which sees CAV Ice Protection take on an additional 16,526 sqft of space at their home at Number One Industrial Estate in Consett.
Boeing HorizonX, with its partners in Boeing Research & Technology, led the development of the CAV prototype, which complements the eVTOL passenger air vehicle prototype aircraft in development by Aurora Flight Sciences, a company acquired by Boeing late last year.
HIL tools enable real test vehicles to interact with virtual vehicles from traffic simulators, providing an evaluation environment that replicates actual deployment conditions at early stages of CAV development.
CAV Ice Protection and its predecessors have designed and manufactured airborne ice protection systems for over 20 aircraft OEMs, over 30 aircraft models and even more aircraft model variants.
Marching from a drop zone two miles southeast of LZ X-Ray, 2-5 CAV arrived at 1200 on the 15th as reinforcements for 1-7 CAV, which was in continuous enemy contact beginning on 14 November.
Upon payment of US$ 765,000 by CAV to ADX for past joint venture costs and satisfaction of other conditions precedent, ADX will issue to CAV 11,172,535 shares.
The company also announced that the founder of CAV International Carroll Vaughan has been promoted to chairman of the company by the board of directors.
CAV Aerospace Ltd and Kilfrost will take a team approach in the development, certification, distribution and sales of TKS ice protection fluids," said Kevin Hawley, President of CAV Aerospace Inc, the company's US ice protection subsidiary.
We were looking for a big project to kick off our efforts and this afforded the CAV an opportunity to make a big difference.
This program is Web-based and provides the commercial repair contractor direct access through the Web to the Navy or Army CAV II system to enter repair status.
CAV is a Department of Defense system that tracks, monitors, and provides total visibility of assets throughout the repair cycle.