cave dweller

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cave dweller

One that dwells in a cave, especially a prehistoric human.

cave′-dwell′ing adj.

cave′ dwell`er

1. a person, as a prehistoric human, living in a cave.
2. a person living in an apartment building.
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Noun1.cave dweller - someone who lives in a cavecave dweller - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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her it some She which smuggling, What kind of knuckle-dragging cave dweller takes time out of his day (bet it was a man) to scrawl poison pen letters to Andy Murray's grandparents?
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A few months ago I commented in this column on how becoming a cave dweller had given me a whole new interest in the world of troglodytism.
The use of scare tactics to sell product is not new I would venture to guess that when the first cave dweller figured out how to make fire he/she probably used scare tactics to sell the first fire-making kit.
LEGENDS surrounding a Wearside cave dweller were revived last night as part of a seafront regeneration scheme.
Only a cave dweller would miss the role exchanges can play in betting integrity issues
A cave dweller in the Outer Hebrides might have missed it, but few in the UK will have missed the media's current obsession with health, with hacks regularly blaming a food brand for the nation's chubbiness.
For example, one member of the National Academy of Sciences involved in particle detention went so far as to compare basic scientists to "the cave dweller who discovered that the scourge of fire could be tamed," and went on to write: "The original mastery of fire may well have been motivated by sheer curiosity .
It is frequently where the cave dweller displays items considered undesirable for display elsewhere in the home by their significant other.
Despite living in permanent darkness, this blind cave dweller still has its own quirky sense of rhythm.
But another cave dweller, Asadullah, who has an eight-member family, complained that he has not benefited from the assistance, though he claims to be the poorest person among in the area.
Socrates cave dweller, No more to endure shadow, But life to the full enjoyed.
Plucky pensioner Esther Rantzen's sympathy sobbing for distraught cave dweller David Van Driver was toe curling.