cave man

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cave′ man`

1. a cave dweller, esp. of the Stone Age.
2. a man who behaves in a rough, primitive manner, esp. toward women.
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Noun1.cave man - someone who lives in a cavecave man - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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If a cave man had happened upon it he would have no conception of its meaning or value, and as a consequence it would be lost or destroyed in short order.
It didn't mean much to the fellow, who doubt-less had but little better idea of the contents of the document I had been sent to fetch to his masters than would the cave man who in all probability had dis-covered it.
Among the twenty-seven to his credit occurred titles such as, "If Christ Came to New Orleans," " The Worked-out Worker," "Tenement Reform in Berlin," "The Rural Slums of England," "The people of the East Side," "Reform Versus Revolution," "The University Settlement as a Hot Bed of Radicalism' and "The Cave Man of Civilization.
Early Man" -- A personality-challenged cave man (voiced by Eddie Redmayne) and his sidekick plot to regain their valley home from a ruthless villain.
Imagine a cave man who survived on hunting and gathering.
She seems to embrace her lifestyle, but as Lynx pleads to camera, "Is there a cave man out there?
But when Tom realised the entrance involved swimming under water, he said: "I'm no cave man.
The diet books in Johnson's study focus on myths of the cave man, Adam and Eve, and pre-colonial and -industrial societies.
Looking even further back, Cave man, whose title character crouches in front of a bright-orange grotto, seems a paean to simpler times.
There were no calls, no offers after his first big movie, as a cave man in the 1982 release "Quest for Fire.
8220;It's ironic that what is essentially a cave man diet is experiencing a resurgence thanks to modern technology like the internet and appliances such as quality food dehydrators and cold press juicers.
Or in the case of uber-am John Fitzgerald, a cave man.