cave man

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cave′ man`

1. a cave dweller, esp. of the Stone Age.
2. a man who behaves in a rough, primitive manner, esp. toward women.
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Noun1.cave man - someone who lives in a cavecave man - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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If a cave man had happened upon it he would have no conception of its meaning or value, and as a consequence it would be lost or destroyed in short order.
It didn't mean much to the fellow, who doubt-less had but little better idea of the contents of the document I had been sent to fetch to his masters than would the cave man who in all probability had dis-covered it.
Thus, with food and bedding I returned to my lair, where after a meal of raw meat, to which I had now become quite accustomed, I dragged the bowlder before the entrance and curled myself upon a bed of grasses--a naked, primeval, cave man, as savagely primitive as my prehistoric progenitors.
She fought like a tigress, but I took my free hand and pushed her head back--I imagine that I had suddenly turned brute, that I had gone back a thousand million years, and was again a veritable cave man taking my mate by force--and then I kissed that beautiful mouth again and again.
Looking even further back, Cave man, whose title character crouches in front of a bright-orange grotto, seems a paean to simpler times.
There were no calls, no offers after his first big movie, as a cave man in the 1982 release "Quest for Fire.
8220;It's ironic that what is essentially a cave man diet is experiencing a resurgence thanks to modern technology like the internet and appliances such as quality food dehydrators and cold press juicers.
CAVE MAN J Ulster star Darren Cave celebrates his side's final try
me husband is a big hairy cave man an came to claim me with his club : ) and now I'm in cave-land.
It's interesting, obviously, because of the rather old-school technique of trying to get you to click on the file by appealing to the cave man inside everybody," ABC News quoted Graham Clulely, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, as saying.
Because every human being is a cave man by nature, capable of every insanity and atrocity, you must prefer art and artifice, classicism and formalized social convention, to the cults of natural goodness, progressive education, and instinctive self-expression.
Your cave man brain wants you to believe you'll be happy when you get rich, beat your buddies, rise to the top, and have the biggest house.