cave dweller

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cave dweller

One that dwells in a cave, especially a prehistoric human.

cave′-dwell′ing adj.

cave′ dwell`er

1. a person, as a prehistoric human, living in a cave.
2. a person living in an apartment building.
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Noun1.cave dweller - someone who lives in a cavecave dweller - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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Oscar-nominated animation which tells the story of a young orphan called Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright), who was raised by a group of cave-dwelling trash collectors in an underground home beneath the city of Cheesebridge.
Nick Crane follows in the footsteps of the Victorians as he seeks out sea caves in Jersey that took nerves of steel to reach, and Ian McMillan is on Scotland's Ayrshire coast where he delves into the story of Sawney Bean, asking whether this cave-dwelling cannibal was simply the product of a wild imagination.
The result was a cave-dwelling environment with a "do your own thing" mindset.
It's the story of an orphan raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors.
This is due to the hypersensitivity of most cave-roosting bats and other cave-dwelling critters to human disturbance.
What we found looked pretty familiar to cave-dwelling me, namely a collection of rock-cut rooms with the occasional carved facade opening onto a church along with lots and lots of roosting holes for pigeons.
the family to see The Boxtrolls, a 3D animated film about an orphaned boy raised by cave-dwelling, rubbish-collecting troll creatures.
A groundbreaking study has shown how the cave-dwelling crooners wow one another with their voices.
but it's a sad state of aairs when watching children's programming that the most we can expect for them is to watch colourful aliens jumping up and down babbling gobbledegook or watching an odd cave-dwelling guy who spends his time polishing rocks.
The Egyptian public in the year ahead will judge how he behaves and what he delivers in response to the urgent need to provide real services and jobs--rather than emotional fantasies and cave-dwelling, feel-good hope--to tens of millions of needy Egyptians.
These include a cave-dwelling bird that is so oily it can be used as a lamp and a bird that has claws on its wings and a stomach like a cow.
Objectives: The project aims to: Protect the resting/breeding sites of cave-dwelling bat species; Increase the availability of foraging sites for bats;