cave dweller

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cave dweller

One that dwells in a cave, especially a prehistoric human.

cave′-dwell′ing adj.

cave′ dwell`er

1. a person, as a prehistoric human, living in a cave.
2. a person living in an apartment building.
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Noun1.cave dweller - someone who lives in a cavecave dweller - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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Not surprising, basements were perfect for cave-dwelling spiders, mites, millipedes, camel crickets and ground beetles, the research showed.
Basements also proved unique: these dark, damp, and cavernous spaces lent to diverse communities of cave-dwelling insects like spiders, mites, millipedes, camel crickets, and ground beetles.
A cave-dwelling spider, found at only two locations in South Wales, spends its entire life underground, while the sand running spider - found at Morfa Harlech and other dunes - is a master of camouflage.
Who knows how many more cave-dwelling animals are undiscovered?
Though not quite fully developed, the mystical characters who guide Amrita--an oracle, a vetala and members of the cave-dwelling Sybillines--are colorful additions to the rich tapestry of the novel.
Psychically sensitive Myra experiences recurrent nightmares that will ultimately help identify the true force behind the Doom, while Seeker returns to her cave-dwelling Continuum and discovers a new threat to her clan's survival.
Along with two loyal friends, Ty and Sita embark on a daring vision quest, searching a deadly prehistoric forest for a tribe to save their cave-dwelling clan.
First-time director S Craig Zahler's western horror mash-up sees sheriff (Kurt Russell) and three deputies head into the wilderness to rescue two people abducted by a tribe of cave-dwelling Troglodytes.
Caption: Baby-doll eyes on the dark form of Europe's cave-dwelling olm salamander (above) look almost ordinary compared with the atrophied eyes of white olms (below).
Since cave-dwelling days, homeowners Shave bemoaned the lack of adequate space.
The olm (aka Proteus anguinus) is the world's largest cave-dwelling animal, and Europe's only cave adapted vertebrate.
The setting is the ironically titled town of Bright Hope whose sheriff (Kurt Russell) and three deputies (Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox) head into the wilderness to rescue two people who've been abducted by a tribe of cave-dwelling troglodytes.