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If you go all caveman on us, then we can be cavewomen, too.
More importantly: Did cavewomen and cavemen really eat dessert?
Many people want to follow the plan, but their lives are so much busier than those of cavemen and cavewomen.
And you can kind of see how that would help you survive back in cavemen and cavewomen days.
Previously, we have been 'Hawaii the lasses' and 'walking on the wild side' in our cavewomen kit.
BEWARE OF FAMINE FEARS: Cavewomen didn't know where their next meal was coming from so they ate as much as they could when food became available.
It's universal really and goes back to cavemen and cavewomen to look at our behaviour.
The Cavewomen took one on the chin with a loss to East Poinsett County bur return enough talent to be a factor.
The fact that it was merely the opinion of 208 people was overlooked; as we lapped up far-fetched theories that cavewomen needed to be able to spot berries and flushed cheeks in dark caves.
Keeping mostly to themselves over the millennia and living in remote communities, a small number of cavemen - and cavewomen - have been slowly migrating from these sub-societies and attempting to acclimatise themselves to the modern human world.
Bonus fact: Blond cavewomen apparently also had greater access to combs and hair brushes.