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Noun1.Cecropia - large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanningCecropia - large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning; milky juice yields caoutchouc
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Cecropiaceae, family Cecropiaceae - in some classifications included in family Moraceae
Cecropia peltata, imbauba, snake wood, trumpet tree, trumpetwood, trumpet-wood - tropical American tree with large peltate leaves and hollow stems
2.Cecropia - North American silkworm mothcecropia - North American silkworm moth; larvae feed on the leaves of forest trees
saturniid, saturniid moth - large brightly colored and usually tropical moth; larvae spin silken cocoons
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Outras especies preferenciais foram Cecropia pachystachya, Eugenia subterminalis, Hennecartia omphalandra, Inga marginata e Lonchocarpus nitidus.
76% in the cecropia wood caused by the fungus Trametes versicolor and of 53.
It has been shown that X-ray imaging allows the improvement of the physical and physiological quality of seed lots by removing internally damaged, poorly formed, or empty seeds, as was observed for Cecropia pachystachya Tree.
We describe the agonistic interaction between the opossum and a bat of the species Artibeus lituratus while they foraged on the same infructescences of Cecropia glaziovii and C.
Brosimum utile (Moraceae), Wettinia quinaria (Arecaceae), Otoba novogranatensis (Myristicaceae), Cecropia hispidissima (Cecropiaceae) are the more abundant plant species.
Natural enemies of Stenoma cecropia (Lepidoptera: Elachistidae) in oil palm, in the southwest of Colombia
Schmude (2014b) reports that Cecropia is a temporary feature and dissipates almost completely by early summer.
1, Zygia cognata, Pachira aquatica, Tabernaemontana alba, Calophyllum brasiliense, Coccoloba barbadensis, Faramea occidentalis, Trophis racemosa, Licaniaplatypus, Andira inermis, Casearia corymbosa, Cecropia obtusifolia y Tabebuia rosea.
Debido a que los antioxidantes han demostrado potencial quimioprotector en diversas patologias del hombre, el primer articulo de la Revista, Caracteristicas fitoquimicas y capacidad antioxidante in vitro de Aloe vera, Plukenetia volubilis, Caiophora carduifolia, Cecropia membranacea, determina las caracteristicas fitoquimicas y capacidad antioxidante in vitro de estas plantas medicinales mediante el metodo DPPH y ABTS.
Trypanosomatida: Trypanosomatidae) to the palm tree known as embauba, Cecropia palmata Willd.