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(Building) the wood of a cedar tree


(ˈsi dər)

1. any of several Old World coniferous trees of the genus Cedrus, having wide, spreading branches.
2. other coniferous trees that resemble the true cedar.
3. the fragrant wood of any of these trees, used in furniture and as a moth repellent.
[before 1000; Old English ceder < Latin cedrus < Greek kédros]
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Noun1.cedarwood - durable aromatic wood of any of numerous cedar trees; especially wood of the red cedar often used for cedar chests
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
red cedar - fragrant reddish wood of any of various red cedar trees
cedar, cedar tree - any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
Port Orford cedar - the wood of the Port Orford cedar tree
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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Harmonix announced the band's I Will Follow from their classic debut Boy, as well as Cedarwood Road from Songs Of Innocence will feature in the game.
The drydown leaves an invigorating lasting impression with notes of Cedarwood, Musk and Vetiver.
The perfume is the first in a series of four limited edition fragrances released by the magazine, and offers a complex array of notes including vetiver, bergamot, Tunisian neroli, cedarwood, amber , Moroccan Rose, Egyptian geranium, patchouli and black, white and pink pepper.
The new zone covers Crowood Avenue, Copsewood Walk, Elmwood, Pinewood Avenue, Linwood Avenue, Cherrywood Avenue, Beechwood Avenue, Dalewood Walk, Ashwood Drive and Cedarwood Avenue.
Santal Carmin with the notes of bergamot, limette, saffron, sandalwood white musk, papyrus, cedarwood, and vanilla.
The project also includes valves, fittings, fire hydrants and other miscellaneous appurtenances for the waterline located along Cedarwood Avenue between West 25th Street and West 26th Street.
On April 2, the Dogs Trust will also be on hand to provide free basic health checks and micro-chipping for dogs, from 11am to 3pm, at The Cedarwood Trust.
So successful has this women's-oriented eau de parfum been that men requested their own scented tribute to peace, and since we value men's pivotal role in world peace, we complied in 2013 with the Scent of Peace for Men, echoing the original fragrance's blackcurrant and cedarwood notes.
Chief executive, Phil McGrath of the Cedarwood Trust - Meadow Well Estate's community development charity - was delighted to welcome Kim to the trust.
Clock The third thing would be the cedarwood clock which we bought 32 years ago in Scotland when we were on holiday.
Generous volunteers and local businesses will be oY=ering their support at the event, which includes a garden party with tea, cakes and live entertainment in aid of raising funds for the Cedarwood facility's garden area.
The interior is set to be lined with fragrant cedarwood, creating a range of spaces reflecting traditional Welsh architecture.