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A photoelectric instrument for ascertaining cloud heights.


(Physical Geography) a device for determining the cloud ceiling, esp by means of a reflected light beam
[C20: from ceiling + -meter]


(siˈlɒm ɪ tər, sɪ-)

an automatic device for measuring and recording the height of clouds by triangulation.
[1940–45; ceil (ing) + -o- + -meter]


an instrument for measuring by triangulation and recording the distance between the earth and the cloud ceiling.
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com)-- The product innovation Lufft CHM8k complements the ceilometer family of the South German metrology specialist and is suitable for applications in which low-lying measurement ranges in up to eight kilometers are in focus.
To complement the ARM cloud radar simulator and provide a complete evaluation of model clouds, other ARM instrument simulators need to be developed, such as an ARM lidar simulator that would help identify model issues in simulating high thin cirrus clouds and a laser ceilometer simulator for providing information on cloud-base height.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation and commissioning of ceilometer - 02 sets.
If winds aloft are weak, the chance of errors goes up significantly because cloud layers are not moving over the ceilometer and can be missed by the | computer.
The effects of a tall tower on nocturnal bird migration--a portable ceilometer study.
The CAT II MET equipment includes sensors to measure variables essential to aviation safety wind, pressure, humidity and temperature, visibility, runway visual range (RVR), a rain gauge to measure precipitation levels, and a ceilometer to measure cloud base.
The ceilometer was installed at the Society in early 2009 as part of the London Urban Meteorological Observatory led by Sue Grimmond, Professor of Urban Meteorology at the University of Reading.
The neural network combined with the natural orthogonal functions shows a good capability of exploiting information provided by other instruments, such as a laser ceilometer [31].
Heat, for cloud application orchestration, and Ceilometer, for resource
The time Between transmission and reception determines the height above the ceilometer of any reflecting particles, such as water or ice crystals in clouds.
The remote miniature weather station and companion laser ceilometer, a small, autonomous weather station capable of recording, storing, and reporting meteoric data for SOF aircrews.
The ceilometer is designed to produce accurate imagery in varied weather conditions including fog cover and torrential downpours.