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v. cel·e·brat·ed, cel·e·brat·ing, cel·e·brates
1. To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing. See Synonyms at observe.
2. To perform (a religious ceremony): celebrate Mass.
3. To extol or praise: a sonnet that celebrates love.
4. To make widely known; display: "a determination on the author's part to celebrate ... the offenses of another" (William H. Pritchard).
1. To observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity.
2. To perform a religious ceremony.
3. To engage in festivities: went out and celebrated after the victory.

[Middle English celebraten, from Latin celebrāre, celebrāt-, to frequent, celebrate, from celeber, celebr-, frequented, famous.]

cel′e·bra′tion n.
cel′e·bra′tor n.
cel′e·bra·to′ry (sĕl′ə-brə-tôr′ē, sə-lĕb′rə-) adj.
celebrant, celebrator, reveler - Celebrants take part in religious ceremonies; celebrators or revelers gather for purposes of revelry.
See also related terms for purposes.
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Noun1.celebrator - a person who is celebratingcelebrator - a person who is celebrating    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
merrymaker, reveler, reveller - a celebrant who shares in a noisy party; "the clubs attract revelers as young as thirteen"
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What's more, they do all the preparation for the celebrator, from the food to the program, down to the invitation templates.
Korbel will host numerous events to offer fans and A-list celebrities the opportunity to join in its celebrator reputation including the fourth annual $250,000 Closest-to-the-Pin Contest as well as the fan favorite "Celebrity Spray-Off," which encourages players to show off their champagne-spraying skills.
I won't celebrate, I'm not a celebrator of birthdays," said the Arsenal boss.
Caption: Boston Beer brewery manager Jennifer Glanville and Celebrator publisher Tom Dalldorf work their way through sample glasses of Utopias.
But on closer inspection, let's see five features that Basu's celebrator profile of Ms.
Police source told NINA that an improvised explosive device went off near Horan Bridge, northern Rutba district, against a gathering of young men celebrating Iraqi football victory He added that the blast resulted in the killing of one celebrator and damaging two civilian cars.
Receive a free bottle of Champagne and Executive bedroom for the celebrator if booked and taken by 19th July 2013.
Enjoy the 'special occasions indulgent dinner party for 10' at Ettington Park Hotel from PS49 per person, or from PS110 per person with a room for one night and breakfast, in this exclusive reader offer Receive a free bottle of Champagne and Executive bedroom for the celebrator if booked and taken by July 19, 2013.
aSheas a celebrator,a said Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Princeton professor and former State Department official.
A CELEBRATOR Y glass of champagnewiththesponsorsis partofthetreatforconnections ofwinnersatSligo .
It is hard to picture Swinton, whose characters on screen often seem to be reverberating with repression, as the flamboyant celebrator of life in Patrick Dennis' novel.