cell fusion

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cell′ fu`sion

the fusion of the nuclei of two types of cells in the laboratory to form a new and genetically distinct cell.
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Cell fusion is one possible mechanism of regeneration, and our hypothesis is that Wnt/beta-catenin signalling activation triggers the reprogramming in vivo of spontaneously fused hybrids formed between adult stem cells and somatic cells, to regenerate damaged organs.
Speaking to media, a spokesperson from the DMR Trading Corp said, “Yes we have released the field test Grove and Grape to help people understand the benefits of Plant Cell Fusion in much better ways.
In freshly infected T-lymphocytes, vitamin C also blocked virus-induced cell fusion, a sign of early viral infection.
The study demonstrated that the intrinsic flexibility of the attachment protein is a necessary condition to initiate the cell fusion process.
SPYMEG is the cell line established by the cell fusion of MEG-01 with a murine myeloma cell line.
SEVIs capture viral elements and attach them to the surface of target cells, enhancing cell fusion and decreasing a cell's ability to repel viral threats.
Mostly North American researches summarize the current understanding of cell fusion in organisms ranging from yeast to mammals, and commonly used method to assay cell fusion in different systems.
Launched in January,, it covers biological functions and molecular interactions of molecules, cell fusion, immune synapse formation, and pathological conditions such as cancer cell migration or degenerative diseases.
Cells treated with As (III) showed a significant but transient increase in the CI during the first 5 h after the treatment; this phenomenon has been explained as cell fusion (Xing et al.
These newly licensed patents are in addition to the 31 patents and over 280 patent applications pending worldwide that ACT owns or has licensed in the field of regenerative medicine, cloning, cell fusion, and related stem cell technologies.
According to the bill, those methods include cell fusion, microencapsulation and macroencapsulation, and recombinant DNA technology.
and Abbott Laboratories have also announced the conversion of standard manufacturing processes to biotechnology, or the use of recombinant DNA, cell fusion, and new biological techniques.

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