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Adj.1.cell-free - lacking cells; "cell-free systems"; "a cell-free homogenate of the thyroid"
acellular, noncellular - not made up of or divided into cells
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NASDAQ: TROV), a developer of cell-free molecular diagnostics, today announced that its Special Meeting of Stockholders scheduled for, and convened on December 9, 2015, was adjourned due to the lack of requisite quorum.
Early findings regarding cell-free DNA screening for the detection of fetal aneuploidy in high-risk populations generated a great deal of buzz, but more recent research on the lower positive predictive value in the general population has tempered that excitement.
NASDAQ: TROV) a developer of cell-free molecular diagnostics, announced today the establishment of Trovagene Research Institute (TRI), a European subsidiary focused on expanding the capabilities and adoption of the Company's Precision Cancer Monitoring[sup.
In addition, at sites of inflammation, cytolysed eosinophils release cell-free granules, that reside in inflamed tissue.
Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) refers to the sequence analysis of the cell-free DNA fragments that circulate within the blood of pregnant women.
Since the discovery of small amounts of circulating cell-free rumor DNA in patients with cancer in the past decade, the race has been on to exploit circulating tumor DNA as a possible biomarker of recurrent disease.
A polyphenol-rich apple juice extract (AE02) was shown to inhibit cytosolic PKC activity in a cell-free system.
The D-Pop Kit is used to capture these DNA-containing particles from cell-free biological samples such as blood serum and plasma, urine, and eukaryotic cell culture media, and to extract DNA from the captured particles.
A review study published on Wednesday has suggested that tests using cell-free fetal DNA obtained from the mother's blood could accurately predict fetus gender as early as seven weeks into a pregnancy.
Breastmilk sampies were collected two to three times weekly for 4-6 weeks and HIV-1 DNA, cell-free RNA and cell-associated RNA levels were all measured.
This cell-free DNA consists of short fragments of nucleic acids rather than whole chromosomes and can be detected from 4 weeks' gestation.