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Adj.1.cell-free - lacking cells; "cell-free systems"; "a cell-free homogenate of the thyroid"
acellular, noncellular - not made up of or divided into cells
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The companies announce an exclusive license to enable LenioBio to utilize Dow AgroSciences' proprietary eukaryotic cell-free protein expression technology.
Athens, Georgia-based exosome specialist ArunA Biomedical has launched a new class of cell-free exosome biologics to treat central nervous system and neurodegenerative disorders, the company said.
Recognizing this shift toward a multi-targeted approach to detect a broad set of gene variants with a single panel, the company has also launched the Ion AmpliSeq Immune Repertoire Assay Plus, TCR beta and expanded its portfolio of liquid biopsy assays for analysis of cell-free nucleic acid (cfNA) in lung and breast cancer.
Researchers presented findings at the recent AACC annual meeting that DNA found circulating in the bloodstream--known as cell-free DNA--can be used to identify liver transplant patients with acute rejection with greater accuracy than conventional liver function tests.
It will be marketed under the name "TruePrime Cell-Free DNA Amplification Kit.
has introduced OneSight, a new software platform designed to help researchers visualize and analyze chromosomal aneuploidies in cell-free DNA sequencing data in-house.
Norton's article on cell-free DNA (cfDNA) screening for women at low risk for fetal abnormalities to be enlightening and educational.
Early findings regarding cell-free DNA screening for the detection of fetal aneuploidy in high-risk populations generated a great deal of buzz, but more recent research on the lower positive predictive value in the general population has tempered that excitement.
a contract manufacturer of mammalian and microbial biologics, has teamed with NeuroFx to develop and manufacture a stem cell-derived, cell-free therapy for neurological conditions.
Cell-free DNA BCT[R] (Streck) is a direct-draw whole blood collection tube intended for the collection, stabilization, and transportation of ctDNA.
According to the company, the addition of Cynvenio's rare cell enrichment technology complements its Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) workflow and positions the company as the only one in the industry to offer a comprehensive sample-to-genomic data solution for research using a single blood draw for analysis of circulating tumour cells (CTC), cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and normal DNA in less than 48 hours.