cell-mediated immunity

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cell-mediated immunity

Immunity involving cells, such as T cells and phagocytes, in contrast with humoral immunity, which involves soluble proteins (antibodies). Also called cellular immunity.

cell′-me`diated immu′nity

immunity conferred to an individual through the activity of T cells, involving the direct destruction of viruses, foreign particles, etc. Compare antibody-mediated immunity.
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As an indicator of susceptibility to infectious disease, cell-mediated immunity was measured by antibody response to three vaccines and skin prick tests, white blood cell count, and self-reported illness.
The authors concluded that their findings indicated that cell-mediated immunity is affected by the herpes zoster vaccine and enhanced by a stronger, or more recent, dose.
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is often accompanied by impaired cell-mediated immunity and previous studies have shown that the DM patients have infections more often than nondiabetic individuals.
Furthermore, this study emphasizes that both the humoral immunity response and cell-mediated immunity can be compromised, especially in multiple myeloma patients under-going treatment (4).
It was designed to prime HIV-1-specific cell-mediated immunity and was then followed by two injections of a recombinant glycoprotein gp120 subunit vaccine containing concentrations of subtype B and E antigens designed to boost HIV-1 cell-mediated immunity and stimulate neutralising HIV-1 antibodies (AIDSVAX) [5].
Adds project scientist Zheng Xing: "Our hypothesis, based on the application of data collected by other researchers, suggests that cell-mediated immunity, as opposed to antibodymediated immunity, may play a key role in lowering the disease-causing ability--or pathogenicity--of the 2009 H1N1 influenza.
Mascolini: The Merck vaccine that failed in the STEP trial tried to stimulate cell-mediated immunity.
The vaccines of the present invention provide effective immunoprophylaxis against papillomavirus infection through neutralizing antibody and cell-mediated immunity.
The UCLA study was significant as it was the first to demonstrate that a behavioral intervention like tai chi can positively influence a virus-specific cell-mediated immunity response.
In case 1, the corticotherapy may have accelerated the healing of the ulcers and limited the fibrinoid necrosis, avoiding the deleterious effects of exacerbated host cell-mediated immunity [5].
It has been hypothesized that HIV associated disregulation of cortisol may play a role in the pathophysiology of AIDS, including modulation of cell-mediated immunity.

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