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1. A fee charged for storage in a cellar.
2. A cellar or several cellars.


1. an area of a cellar
2. a charge for storing goods in a cellar, etc


(ˈsɛl ər ɪdʒ)

1. cellar space.
2. the charges for storage in a cellar.


a fee charged for storage in a cellar.
See also: Dues and Payment


 cellars collectively, 1602.
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Noun1.cellarage - a charge for storing goods in a cellar
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
2.cellarage - a storage area in a cellar
basement, cellar - the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage


n (= cellar space)Kellerfläche f; (= storage cost)Lagerkosten pl
References in classic literature ?
The emphasis was helped by the speaker's square wall of a forehead, which had his eyebrows for its base, while his eyes found commodious cellarage in two dark caves, overshadowed by the wall.
It got about that the old house had had famous cellarage (which indeed was true), and that Flintwinch had been in a cellar at the moment, or had had time to escape into one, and that he was safe under its strong arch, and even that he had been heard to cry, in hollow, subterranean, suffocated notes, 'Here I am
I did step into the cellarage to see what might be rescued there; for though a cup of burnt wine, with spice, be an evening's drought for an emperor, it were waste, methought, to let so much good liquor be mulled at once; and I had caught up one runlet of sack, and was coming to call more aid among these lazy knaves, who are ever to seek when a good deed is to be done, when I was avised of a strong door Aha
Grewgious's sleeping-room was across the common stair; and he held some not empty cellarage at the bottom of the common stair.
Vholes's jet-black door, in an angle profoundly dark on the brightest midsummer morning and encumbered by a black bulk-head of cellarage staircase against which belated civilians generally strike their brows.
The main house is laid out over two floors, as well as attic accommodation, separate servant quarters and extensive cellarage.
On the first floor are the formal bedrooms, and there is a second attic floor with dormer window staff rooms, as well as extensive cellarage.
Ancillary trading areas comprise a commercial kitchen, storage, a glass cleaning area, an office, staff toilet, gents and ladies toilets, a toilet for disabled patrons, and cellarage.
The BankNote's most famous occupant, LightBox, is staying, attracting celebrities to its light-filled, 10,000-square-foot photography and film studio; as is the Wine Cellarage, which stores high-end wines for wealthy clients and auction houses; the Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance, and at least one charter school.
The Wine Cellarage recently signed a seven-year, 5,843 s/f expansion lease with Denham Real Estate Services in The BankNote located at 890 Garrison Ave.
Points of interest: Brick-floored cellarage could convert to even more living space to this house-sized apartment in the former Nelson family home, used as Emscote Lawn School until the late '90s.