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A group of cells that make up a section of a prison.


a group of cells in a prison where prisoners are kept



a unit or section of a prison consisting of a number of cells.
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Noun1.cellblock - a division of a prison (usually consisting of several cells)
block - housing in a large building that is divided into separate units; "there is a block of classrooms in the west wing"
jail cell, prison cell, cell - a room where a prisoner is kept
death house, death row - the cellblock in a prison where those condemned to death await execution
prison, prison house - a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment
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One is the county jail cellblock display that housed local criminals and gangsters from 1913 to 1971, and the other is the Native American room.
Officials told the Brazilian news site G1 that the violence at the Colonia Agroindustrial prison apparently erupted when inmates from one cellblock invaded three others where prisoners from rival gangs are housed.
After taking the consent of the patient, FNAC was done and two smears and a cellblock were prepared.
I would never have been able to endure the cockroaches, sweats, freezing cold and various humiliations of prison life without the companionship of my fellow prisoners, and most especially my comrades in cellblock 2-4 in Agriculture Prison, and comrades of all nationalities, African, Latin American and Arab in cellblock 2-1.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Installation Of Cellblock Bunks
uk Theatre Royal Created by the musical theatre talents of John Kander, Fred Ebb and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, Chicago's sexy, sassy score includes All That Jazz, Cellblock Tango and Razzle Dazzle.
and we can take it to the yard below the cellblock, where we can eat and visit until the 3 p.
It was Luke's X-Wing callsign in the Battle of Hoth |It was the galactic map co-ordinates for Dagobah |It was Princess Leia's cellblock number in Episode IV: A New Hope 9 Which one of these British actors has a cameo in The Force Awakens?
One part subjected to conventional smear and staining and the remaining fluid was subjected to cellblock technique.
The tools remain on a cellblock and are used only in prisons with single solitary confinement cells.
Chapters include a cellblock called The Stones, breakouts and bandit gangs, the state takes over, those troublesome women, escape as a fine art, and hanged by the neck until dead.
He has been moved to a cellblock, and charges against him are pending, they said.