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1. A thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material made from wood pulp and used as a moistureproof wrapping.
2. Plastic wrap.

[Originally a trademark.]

cel′lo·phane′ adj.


trademark a flexible thin transparent sheeting made from wood pulp and used as a moisture-proof wrapping
[C20: from cellulose + -phane]


(ˈsɛl əˌfeɪn)

a transparent, moistureproof paperlike product made from viscose, used to wrap and package food and other products.
[1910–15; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.cellophane - a transparent paperlike product that is impervious to moisture and used to wrap candy or cigarettes etc.
plastic wrap - wrapping consisting of a very thin transparent sheet of plastic
وَرَق سيلوفان شَفّاف للتَّغْليف
sellófan, umbúîaefni


® [ˈseləfeɪn] Ncelofán m


ncellophane® f
modif [wrapping, pack] → de cellophane®cell phone cellphone, cell-phone [ˈsɛlfəʊn] nportablemtéléphone m portable


nCellophan® nt


® [ˈsɛləˌfeɪn] ncellophane ® m


(ˈseləfein) (ˌin the United Kingdom) noun
a type of clear wrapping material. flowers wrapped in cellophane; (also adjective) cellophane wrapping.
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The bars were concealed in a black adhesive cellophane tape and kept in the pocket of his shirt.
For instance, you'll be able to tell people a sweet wrapped in cellophane makes the same amount of noise no matter how slowly you open it.
The police seized two containers wrapped in white cellophane which are suspected to contain P40,060 worth of shabu.
a sheet of red cellophane from a craft store, or red cellophane used to wrap presents.
UK-based Innovia Group has announced it is to sell its Cellophane business and assets to Japan's Futamura Chemicals Co.
Use fabric, netting (from a haberdashery) cellophane (from a florist or gardening store) with tissue paper, paper table cloths (for large bulky items) and silk scarves (from charity shops).
3 Arrange paper and cellophane (one and half times the height of the bottle) in a landscape shape then stand the bottle in the very centre.
Cellophane is a subject to decay, whilst polyethylene is not, Director of the Taalim Forum Public Fund Almagul Osmonova said on September 30 during presentation of the Eco Bashtyk 2014 (Ecobag Festival) in Bishkek.
On the floor below, nearly seven thousand pounds of powdered plaster and paint will he arranged under a crown-like cellophane covering.
Create a banner by attaching all of the papel picados to a long piece of string with cellophane tape or a glue stick, using the string fold made earlier.
Triple chocolate cupcake kit Ingredients 100g caster sugar 100g self-raising flour 2tbsp cocoa powder To complete the kit: Large glass jar with a clip or screw lid 200g white chocolate drops 100g bar milk chocolate or drops Cellophane, ribbon, gift bag or box and large label 12 cupcake cases New spatula or wooden spoon Sprinkles, or other decorations Method 1.