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n. pl. cel·los
A four-stringed musical instrument of the violin family, pitched lower than the viola but higher than the double bass.

[Short for violoncello.]

cel′list (chĕl′ĭst) n.


n, pl -los
(Instruments) music a bowed stringed instrument of the violin family. Range: more than four octaves upwards from C below the bass staff. It has four strings, is held between the knees, and has an extendible metal spike at the lower end, which acts as a support. Full name: violoncello
ˈcellist n


(ˈtʃɛl oʊ)

n., pl. -los.
the second largest member of the violin family, rested vertically on the floor between the performer's knees when played; violoncello.
[1875–80; short for violoncello]
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Noun1.cello - a large stringed instrumentcello - a large stringed instrument; seated player holds it upright while playing
bowed stringed instrument, string - stringed instruments that are played with a bow; "the strings played superlatively well"
đàn cellođàn viôlôngxenxelô


[ˈtʃeləʊ] Nvioloncelo m, violonchelo m


[ˈtʃɛləʊ] nvioloncelle m
I play the cello → Je joue du violoncelle.


, ’cello
nCello nt


[ˈtʃɛləʊ] nvioloncello



(ˈtʃeləu) noun
(short for ˈvioloncello) a stringed musical instrument similar to, but much larger than, a violin.
cellist, 'cellist noun
a person who plays the cello.


كَمَانٌ جَهِير violoncello cello Cello τσέλο violoncelo sello violoncelle violončelo violoncello チェロ 첼로 cello cello wiolonczela violoncelo виолончель cello ไวโอลินเซลโล viyolonsel đàn cello 大提琴
References in classic literature ?
The music had started up, and half a block away you could hear the dull "broom, broom" of a cello, with the squeaking of two fiddles which vied with each other in intricate and altitudinous gymnastics.
He is playing a bass part upon his cello, and so the excitement is nothing to him; no matter what happens in the treble, it is his task to saw out one long-drawn and lugubrious note after another, from four o'clock in the afternoon until nearly the same hour next morning, for his third of the total income of one dollar per hour.
During their progress, needless to say, the sounds of the cello are pretty well extinguished; but at last the three are at the head, and Tamoszius takes his station at the right hand of the bride and begins to pour out his soul in melting strains.
com/2018/02/protestor-claims-victory-airline-cancels-cello-fee/) told Slipped Disc he is happy about the airlines' updated policy regarding cellos on airplanes.
Suraj is well equipped to take the Company to the next level of its growth phase and the Board will give him every support to ensure success, said Janifer Yeo- Tan, Chairman, CellOS Software.
ntel and CellOS share a vision for telco transformation through enhanced levels of customer service, and are working closely to provide the next generation of solutions to accelerate provider success," said Kamlesh Patel, CEO, CellOS Software.
CellOS will utilize the MapR Converged Data Platform to enable CSPs to extract meaningful data in real-time, gain significant insights from the data, and identify revenue- generating opportunities.
A shortage of cellos, and a new flock of aspiring musicians, is pushing the program to raise money for instruments and scholarships.
Compositions include Rigoletto Fantasy for cello and orchestra on Verdi's opera, Interlude for string quartet and orchestra, Maze of Love for voice, piano and orchestra, Marche Triomphale for two pianos and percussion (GSO 2012 Commission), Carnival in Venice for violin and two cellos, My Heart Is In The East Raoul Wallenberg In Memoriam for solo cello (performed at the centenary celebrations and at the Swedish Parliament and members of the US Congress, 2012), Rene Descartes in Stockholm, for solo recorder, The Sea Of Flowers Is Rising Higher, elegy for solo cello in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, Christmas Cookies for mezzo-soprano and 3 cellos, and Suite for solo cello.
The result is A Tale of Two Cellos - a CD and now a live tour, coming to Liverpool, of music adapted for the most vocally human of instruments.
Ideal for beginning student string players, the brand new series features three violins and three cellos: V3SKA12, V3SKA34 and V3SKA44 violins and the VC3S 12, VC3S34 and VC3S44 cellos in one-half, three-quarter and full sizes, respectively.
The programme will be announced tomorrow but is likely to include pieces by Villa-Lobos and an arrangement for nine cellos of the second movement of Elgar''s Cello Concerto.