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 (sĭ-mĕn′təm) also ce·ment (-mĕnt′)
A bonelike substance covering the root of a tooth.

[New Latin, from Latin caementum, rough stone; see cement.]


(Anatomy) a thin bonelike tissue that covers the dentine in the root of a tooth
[C19: New Latin, from Latin: cement]


(sɪˈmɛn təm)

the bonelike tissue that forms the outer surface of the root of a tooth.
[1605–15; < Latin, variant of caementum rough stone; see cement]
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Noun1.cementum - a specialized bony substance covering the root of a tooth
solid body substance - the solid parts of the body
tooth root, root - the part of a tooth that is embedded in the jaw and serves as support
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Art told me he planned to have the age certified by the cementum annuli aging technique.
According to their cementum analysis of his teeth, the Ghost was at least 9 1/2 years old.
Subsequently, many scholars use dentin translucency, cementum ring structure, amino acid racemization, and modified Gustafson method for age estimation (Singh et al.
Bone cementum can give a near perfect appearance postoperatively but is considerably more expensive to use routinely.
In older children, the process produces bony replacement of root cementum and root dentin, i.
They concluded that Ca(OH)2 paste with iodoform showed necrosis at the perforation site and different levels of cementum hyperplasia.
Cellular films were grafted into rats, in which the periodontal ligament and cementum had been previously removed.
In addition, several cellular variants such as clear cell, pigmented, Langerhans cell containing bone and cementum forming, myoepithelial cell and non-calcifying subtypes have been reported.
The mean new cementum in 1-wall intrabony defects in the ABB + CM group was significantly greater than that in their counterparts in the OFD group (5.
Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has been shown to provide bio-inductive effects with creating an environment conducive to periodontal healing and allowing new cementum growth on its surface.
This project will improve the Tooth Cementum Annulation (TCA) method to identify numbers of pregnancy/fertility events and to distinguish them from other life-history events.
If left untreated, gingivitis will progress to periodontitis, a gradual destruction of the structures that hold teeth in position These structures are gingiva, bone, periodontal ligament and cementum, a bonelike substance covering the root of a tooth.