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1. A clique or circle, especially of writers.
2. A small dining room, usually on an upper floor.

[French cénacle, from Old French cenacle, the room where the Last Supper took place, from Latin cēnāculum, dining room, garret, from cēna, meal; see sker- in Indo-European roots. Sense 2, Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cēnāculum.]


(ˈsɛnəkəl) or


1. a supper room, esp one on an upper floor
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (capital) the room in which the Last Supper took place
[C14: from Old French, from Late Latin cēnāculum, from cēna supper]


(ˈsɛn ə kəl)

1. (cap.) the room where the Last Supper took place.
2. a religious retreat house.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French < Latin cēnāculum top story, attic (orig., presumably, dining room)]


- A discussion group or literary clique—also, a small dining room where a literary or philosophic group eats and talks (from Latin cena, "dinner"), such as the room in which the Last Supper was held.
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Philip, too, looked into the future, and he saw Clutton in twenty years, bitter, lonely, savage, and unknown; still in Paris, for the life there had got into his bones, ruling a small cenacle with a savage tongue, at war with himself and the world, producing little in his increasing passion for a perfection he could not reach; and perhaps sinking at last into drunkenness.
Sa temerite et son audace exteriorisees a la fleur de l'age par la publication de son premier roman La Soif en 1957 alors que l'Algerie entiere fut en flamme, la distingua par son intrusion fracassante dans le cenacle des romancieres algeriennes qui se resumait alors a trois plumes, mais lui vaudra aussi des critiques, notamment de Mustapha Lachref en la considerant de la bourgeoisie, d'autant que son livre evoque l'amour de la vie, de la liberte et de l'emancipation d'une jeune fille qui n'est autre qu'elle, donc loin de la realite du mouvement liberateur.
Marys Cenacle Guild will host the annual Christmas Cookie Sale from 9 to 11 a.
50 Cenacle Hailing from north-west England, Cenacle are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still help you thrive in the music industry today.
As part of its special programming for the 31st observance of Edsa People Power Revolution, Radio Veritas featured Sister Mary John Mananzan, OSB, former president of St Scholastica's College, and Cenacle Sr.
Il protege non comme une carapace isole, mais comme un mecene, un tuteur qui guide, montre, qui presente au cenacle.
The two Muslim women were told to leave La Cenacle in Tremblay-en-France because the restaurant chef argued, "All Muslims are terrorists.
The incident took place at the Le Cenacle restaurant in Tremblay-en-France, a suburb of Paris.
Mary Guido of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle finds that spiritual direction can also serve as a bridge for alienated Catholics or even for "nones," people with no religious affiliation.
Monica; Cenacle Drive in Barangay Culiat, Heminihilda in Barangay Pasong Tamo; Cypress in Barangay Tandang Sora; Mozart in Barangay Sauyo; and Piko in Barangay Talipapa.
The Upper Room and Tomb of David: The History, Art and Archaeology of the Cenacle on Mount Zion
Aux Etats-Unis, il s'agit d'un vehicule de milieu de gamme, certes plus moderne que nombre de ses concurrents mais qui n'evolue pas dans le cenacle des automobiles les plus huppees mais en France, le constructeur americain lui prevoit un destin de modele [beaucoup moins que] premium [beaucoup plus grand que].