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One who is 100 years old or older.

[From Latin centēnārius, of a hundred; see centenary.]

cen′te·nar′i·an adj.


a person who is at least 100 years old
1. being at least 100 years old
2. of or relating to a centenarian


(ˌsɛn tnˈɛər i ən)

1. pertaining to or having existed 100 years.
2. a person who has reached the age of 100.
[1840–50; < Latin centenāri(us) (see centenary) + -an1]
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Noun1.centenarian - someone who is at least 100 years oldcentenarian - someone who is at least 100 years old
Adj.1.centenarian - being at least 100 years old
old - (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age; "his mother is very old"; "a ripe old age"; "how old are you?"
باِلغٌ من العُمْرِ مئة سنه
százéves ember
yüz yaşını geçkin kimse


A. ADJcentenario
B. Ncentenario/a m/f


[ˌsɛntɪˈnɛəriən] ncentenaire mf


nHundertjährige(r) mf, → Zentenar m (geh)


[ˌsɛntɪˈnɛərɪən] ncentenario/a


(senˈtiːnəri) , ((American) ˈsentəneri) (plural cenˈtenaries) centennial (senˈteniəl) nouns
a hundredth anniversary. The firm is celebrating its centenary this year.
centenarian (sentəˈneəriən) noun
a person who is a hundred or more years old.
References in classic literature ?
Filon to put into the mouth of an imaginary centenarian a series of delightfully picturesque studies which aim at the minute presentment of life in France under the old regime, and end for the most part with the Revolution.
Daughtry told his seventeen- years-old brown-skinned Papuan with the withered ancient face of a centenarian, the legs of a living skeleton, and the huge-stomached torso of an elderly Japanese wrestler.
Mehevi acted as supreme lord over the place, spending the greater portion of his time there: and often when, at particular hours of the day, it was deserted by nearly every one else except the verd-antique looking centenarians, who were fixtures in the building, the chief himself was sure to be found enjoying his
Only centenarians die, and nobody worries about anything--or did not until Sally came and gave them something to worry about.
in Biology Ulduz Hashimova told Trend about the plans to perpetuate the name of the Azerbaijani centenarian in the one of the crucial books of our time.
Under Republic Act 10868 or the Centenarian Law, Filipino citizens who are 100 years old and above will receive P100,000 centenarian gift from the government.
Sweden is about to deport an Afghan centenarian after the 106-year-old woman's asylum application was rejected, Associated Press reported.
The Census Bureau's centenarian projection for 2050?
Centenarian research contributes to expanding our knowledge on longevity and healthy aging.
Bessie joined Michael O'Connor, 101, and centenarian Kathleen Fosdike to take the applause at Galway's Town Hall.
The bill declares every 25th of September as day of "National Respect for Centenarians" wherein all Filipinos who turned centenarian shall be awarded plague of recognition and cash incentives by their respective city or municipal government of residence.
This study that documents changes to the size of the centenarian population over the past 15 years found that in Ontario, the number of centenarians increased from 1069 in 1995 to 1842 in 2010, a 72.